Young feted as longest-serving Republican in House history

United States Congressman Don Young, Republican of Alaska.
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — U.S. Rep. Don Young was feted by colleagues for becoming the longest-serving Republican in House history.

Young, who was re-elected in November, marked 46 years in the House on Wednesday. He surpasses the late former Speaker Joseph Cannon of Illinois to become the longest-serving Republican.

According to House records, the late Rep. John Dingell, a Michigan Democrat, is the longest-ever serving member of the House. Dingell served 59 years.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thanked Young for being “a leader of merit and character.” The 86-year-old Young thanked his colleagues for recognizing his tenure.

The U.S. Senate notes the late Republican Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina served nearly 47 ½ years. That tenure, however, includes a number of years in which Thurmond served as a Democrat before switching parties.

Young began his career as a tugboat captain, gold miner, and fisherman in the Fort Yukon area. He’s easily one of the most colorful members ever in the history of the United States Congress.



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