Young Conservatives of Texas announce ratings, give State Representative Toth 100% score

Young Conservatives of Texas announce ratings, give State Representative Toth 100% score

Image: State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of The Woodlands and Conroe.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands, January 12 – Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT), a nonpartisan statewide conservative youth organization, released its ratings of the 181 members of the 87th Texas Legislature on Monday and gave State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of The Woodlands and Conroe, one its only two one hundred percent (100%) ratings to legislators. State Representative Mayes Middleton of Galveston received the other perfect score.

YCT considered fifty-five (55) votes during the 87th Legislature’s Regular and three Special Sessions.

The average score for the one hundred and fifty members of the Texas House of Representatives was a 48. The lowest score any Republican member of the House received was the 47, which Representative Kyle Kacal of Bryan received.

The average score for the thirty-one members of the Texas Senate was a 57. The highest score a Senator received was the 94, which Senator Bob Hall of Rockwall received. The lowest score any Republican member of the House received was the 66 of Senator Kel Seliger of Amarillo.

Toth told The Golden Hammer last night, “I’m thankful for the acknowledgment of my hard work this session from the Young Conservatives of Texas. There’s much work left to be done. No one should be patting themselves on the back, while millions of Texans fear losing their jobs as a result of federal vaccine mandates.”

Other Montgomery County-based legislators received the following scores from YCT:

  • Senator Brandon Creighton, 83
  • Representative Cecil Bell, 79
  • Representative Will Metcalf, 75.

Senator Robert Nichols, who represents the northern part of Montgomery County but hails from Jacksonville, received a 78 score from YCT.

The Golden Hammer Ratings, Philosophy, and YCT’s Statement of Principles

On June 15, 2021, The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, rated all members of the 87th Legislature for their votes during the Regular Session, based upon the “Big Five” votes during that session – banning taxpayer-funded lobbying (supported), the abortion-banning “Heartbeat Act” (supported), hiding personal addresses of legislators and local elected officials (opposed), constitutional carry (supported), and banning teaching of “critical race theory” (supported). Those five issues clearly defined the 87th Legislative Session more than any others. Please see “The Golden Hammer Rates 87th Texas Legislature: The ‘Big Five’ Votes In Both Senate, House,” The Golden Hammer, June 15, 2021.

This newspaper only gave six members of the Texas House perfect scores on those “Big Five” votes: Toth, Bell, Metcalf, Middleton, Andrew Murr of Kimble County, and Brooks Landgraf of Odessa.

The core philosophies of this newspaper are that we support substantially less government spending, other than for national defense and public safety, and that we support total transparency and openness in government. The less government there is means the more freedom all people enjoy. The “Big Five” votes reflected those philosophies quite well.

YCT’s Statement of Principles closely agrees with that of this newspaper and follows:

The Young Conservatives of Texas dedicate ourselves to the preservation of the American Dream and a strong and free America. To this end, we hereby affirm:

That the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution embody the spirit of the United States and her people;

That the Declaration of Independence, reflecting the combined wisdom of its authors, recognizes the freedom of the individual as inherited from one sovereign God;

That this freedom must not be violated by institutions established by or presided over by men;

That the Constitution clearly limits the authority of the Federal Government to the protection of our God-given rights, and the administration of justice;

That the states of this nation “are, and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent,” reserving for themselves all powers not clearly delegated to the federal Government by the states or citizens, as stated in the Tenth Amendment;

That liberty is indivisible, and that political freedom will not long survive without religious or economic freedom;

That the free enterprise system, including a sound currency and the prohibition of government created inflation, is the only economic system consistent with the promotion of justice, liberty and prosperity; and

That the purpose of American foreign policy, clearly discerning our friends and enemies should be, by means of a superior national defense and a strong, free economy to maintain the freedom of the people of America and, insofar as consistent with that purpose, to keep our country at peace.




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