Yollick makes statement about banning taxpayer-funded lobbying as legislative priority

Yollick makes statement about banning taxpayer-funded lobbying as legislative priority

Image: The Golden Hammer‘s Editor-in-Chief and NewsReal Anchor Eric Yollick made a statement about the legislative priority of banning taxpayer-funded lobbying on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Houston and Conroe, June 16 – Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer‘s Editor-in-Chief and NewsReal Anchor, attended the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in Houston, Texas, on June 15, 2022, to provide a statement to the Legislative Priorities Committee about the importance of banning taxpayer-funded lobbying in the upcoming 88th Texas Legislature, which will open on January 11, 2023. The Legislative Priorities Committee and its thirty-two (32) members – one from each Texas Senatorial District and Chairman Nathan Macias – proposes a list of the top legislative priorities for approval by the more than five thousand Republican delegates.

Yollick’s entire statement to the Legislative Priorities Committee follows:

“Mr. Chairman and Members of the Legislative Priorities Committee, I’m Eric Yollick from Montgomery County and Senatorial District 4.

“First, I have a question for each and every one of you: why do you personally oppose every single legislative priority on this Legislative Priorities Committee’s list of legislative priorities? I’m serious. Every single member of this Committee sends his or her hard-earned money to fund the opposition to all of the legislative priorities this Committee has highlighted: (1) you oppose Election Integrity, (2) you oppose Protecting the Electric Grid, (3) you oppose Eliminating Property Taxes, (4) you oppose the Abolition of Abortion, (5) you support Gender Identity changes and Modification, (6) you want to Sexualize Texas Kids in public schools, (7) you oppose Medical Freedom, (8) and you oppose Border Security.

“I’m serious, because all of you sent your tax dollars to fund lobbyists who take all of those positions you directly oppose. For example, the Texas Municipal League, the Texas Association of Counties, and the Texas Association of School Boards all receive taxpayer-funds from cities, counties, and school districts and all of them have vehemently opposed Eliminating Property Taxes and stood as the main opposition to any property tax reform during the 86th Legislature in 2019 and the 87th Legislature in 2021. Those three groups effectively control the Texas House of Representatives and have successfully defeated important reforms for a long time. That’s why the Texas House is where reform legislation goes to die. Remember, they get all of their money from you, through taxes government forces you to pay and takes from you as though you are receiving services in return.

“That’s the fundamental problem with taxpayer-funded lobbying. They support the peculiar political positions of the political elite, but they do not represent the positions of the citizens whom those politicians are to represent in a republican form of government.

“Second, in my community, I face an even worse problem. During the 2019 Legislature, my tax dollars went to pay for lobbyists who supported property tax reform at the same time that my tax dollars went to pay for lobbyists who opposed property tax reform. In other words, my tax dollars, through local government entities, which were supposed to represent me and all of us, were sending our taxes to support both sides of the same issue. Right now, in Montgomery County, Texas, that’s happening again. We have one governmental entity, the San Jacinto River Authority, spending our public dollars to support the production and sale of surface water and additional regulation of groundwater in order to reduce groundwater as competition for surface water. We have another governmental entity, the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, spending our public dollar to support less groundwater regulation and tighter restrictions on surface water production and sale! It’s ridiculous.

“Third, it’s a fiscal issue as well. I don’t want my tax dollars going to pay high-priced lobbyists. If my representatives on local government boards need some representation in Austin, we already have State Senators and State Representatives to do that job. We also have those local government officials themselves who shouldn’t be so lazy and ought to go to Austin, on their own dime (just like when I, as a political activist, go to Austin), and lobby for important reforms.





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