Yes, Kelli, this sign is the worst ever…but did Kathy Jones of Lone Star GCD pay for it?!

It’s an Oakley sign!

Magnolia, October 29 – Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee Treasurer Kelli Cook provided some pictures of what she referred to on social media as the “worst sign ever.” Cook, who goes by the nickname “Captain Cook,” since she is also the block-walk “Captain” and organizational Chair of the Republican Party’s Victory 2018 Committee, wrote the following about the signs near the Magnolia Early Voting location:

“Worst sign ever award. No disclaimer. Voters have no idea what he’s running for. There is a clue if you find the other random sign that he has out white duct tape on. Geez.”

From the sign, it appears “Oakley” may be seeking contacts on “LinkedIn.” Or, perhaps, Oakley wants Twitter followers “@GE Oakley.”

Oakley is Garry Oakley, who filed for both the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) election and for the Montgomery County Hospital District Board (MCHD) of Directors election at the same time. Since the Texas Water Code prohibits someone from serving on LSGCD’s Board, if they also serve on the governing board of another subdivision of the State of Texas, the Montgomery County Elections Administrator and the Texas Secretary of State disqualified Oakley from running for MCHD in the November 6 General Election.

Oakley’s signs violate at least two different provisions of the Texas Election Code both in Chapter 255 thereof. First, Oakley failed to include the political advertising disclaimer. Second, Oakley failed to include the mandatory notice that it’s illegal to put those signs in rights-of-way under the Texas Transportation Code. Each and every one of Oakley’s signs constitute a separate Class A and Class C misdemeanor.

As Captain Cook hinted in her comments on social media, Oakley has other signs that provide a little more of a clue for what he’s running.

Oakley’s other signs.

Oakley’s other signs also violate the two different provisions of the Texas Election Code by failing to have either one of the required disclaimers. They don’t tell us much more about Oakley other than his – or her – claim that Oakley “is helping to conserve our water supply.” There’s actually a third violation on both signs, because Oakley doesn’t indicate that he or she is running “for” some office which he or she doesn’t hold. But, of course, Oakley doesn’t mention any office on the signs.

Nevertheless, there is one recognizable name on Oakley’s bizarre sign, the LSGCD! From Oakley’s sign, it appears that LSGCD, a Texas state agency, is somehow paying for or endorsing Oakley’s signs. Up until a few days ago, Kathy Jones, LSGCD’s rogue executive director, and LSGCD had placed candidate advocacy statements for the candidates LSGCD’s “establishment” and its politically-controlling entity, the San Jacinto River Authority, supported. Over this past weekend, LSGCD finally took those bizarre advocacy statements down entirely. But when LSGCD had those statements on its website, LSGCD supported Oakley over his opponent.

Oakley’s opponent is highly respected businessman Jim Spigener, a strong conservative, homeowners association president, business consultant, property rights advocate, and anti-regulation water expert. Spigener is about the last guy on Earth that LSGCD’s bureaucracy would want to serve on its Board of Directors.

Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, Place 2 (Commissioners Precinct 2) candidate Jim Spigener. Spigener is the pro-property rights, pro-citizen candidate in the electoral contest for that Board position in the November 6 General Election.

So it actually makes sense that LSGCD – and rogue executive director Kathy Jones who hopefully will swell the unemployment ranks very, very soon – would pay for or at least sponsor Oakley’s campaign.




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