Woodlands Township Position 5 race presents contrasting principles with deceptive democrat Gupta, conservative Republican Sekula-Gibbs facing off

Woodlands Township Position 5 race presents contrasting principles with deceptive democrat Gupta, conservative Republican Sekula-Gibbs facing off

Image: Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 5, candidate Shelley Sekula-Gibbs (right) with Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed (left) on October 16, 2019.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands and Conroe, November 3 – The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 5, electoral contest has brought out two candidates who present the contrasting principles which fall under the glare of the mean-spirited attempt by local democrats to trick voters into supporting them in conservative Montgomery County by running for office in nonpartisan races.

The clear conservative and Republican running for the open seat is Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, a retired dermatologist who served three terms on the Houston City Council and briefly in the United States Congress. The democrat is Rashmi Gupta, known as “The Wicked Witch of The Woodlands,” for her meanness and the dirty tricks involved in her campaign. 􏰯􏰕􏰉 􏰢􏰖

Gupta’s attempt to claim that she is an “independent,” when, in fact, she is a staunch ultraliberal democrat activist, is typical of the deception of the Texas democrat Party in its “Project Lift,” which that political party describes as “a program designed by the Texas democratic Party, in concert with local party leaders and progressive partners, to recruit, train, and support candidates – with a special focus on winning local, non-partisan races.”

Knowing that they don’t represent the values and principles of Texas voters, democrats have sought to fool Texas voters into supporting democrats running for office by running in nonpartisan positions as a stepping stone to higher political office. The Woodlands Township Position 5 race, a nonpartisan contest on the November 5, 2019, General Election ballot, typifies the democrats’ deception.

It’s interesting to compare the two major candidates in the Position 5 race. There’s a third candidate, also a democrat, who has run a poorly-funded lackluster campaign.

Sekula-Gibbs, Republican

Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs is a retired M.D. dermatologist. An excellent description of her background and conservative credentials is in the Texas Patriots PAC Voter Guide:

“Dr. Sekula-Gibbs served three terms on the Houston City Council, championed a revenue cap of 4.5%, and lowered the property tax rate. Houston’s revenue cap has now saved taxpayers over $700,000,000. She won special election to Congress to serve the unexpired term of U.S. Congressman Tom Delay. She was a practicing dermatologist for 30 years, and is a proven fiscal conservative. Dr. Sekula-Gibbs wants to make sure the residents get to vote on the completed incorporation study and the tax rate.”

Sekula-Gibbs explained on “It’s Hammer Time” on Friday, November 1, that she believes incorporation of The Woodlands is important in part so that the master planned community does not become a thoroughfare for major traffic flow through the middle of it. In particular, Sekula-Gibbs noted that she opposes the Woodlands Parkway Extension, the Gosling Road Extension (currently planned to cut through the middle of the W.G. Jones State Forest), and the Branch Crossing Extension, all three of which would profoundly increase traffic through the interior of The Woodlands.

Sekula-Gibbs has received endorsements from the following organizations:

  • Texas Patriots PAC;
  • Montgomery County Tea Party;
  • Montgomery County Republican Party;
  • The Woodlands Residents’ Advocates, a sister publication of this newspaper; and
  • Texas Right to Life.

Woodlands Township Chairman Gordy Bunch, “the People’s Chairman,” has endorsed Sekula-Gibbs.

Gupta, ultraliberal democrat

In contrast to Sekula-Gibbs, Gupta has engaged in dirty tricks and run one of the meanest campaigns The Woodlands has ever witnessed.

Gupta is an ardent pro-abortion liberal democrat. She worked as a volunteer area coordinator for Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, the pro-abortion burglar and drunken driver who attempted a failed challenge against the re-election of renowned conservative United States Senator Ted Cruz in 2018.

Woodlands Township Board candidate Rashmi Gupta’s call for liberals to join her work for burglar Beto O’Rourke’s campaign for the United States Senate in 2018 against renowned conservative incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

Gupta’s campaign at the South Montgomery County Community Center featured a transvestite as a volunteer, several prominent homosexuals, and Gupta’s campaign manager who went around the parking lot bullying individuals attempting to engage in conversations concerning political issues. Gupta’s campaign manager disrupted the “It’s Hammer Time” show on Friday, November 1, when she loudly demanded that Sekula-Gibbs explain her Pro-Life position on abortion and continued screaming until another individual escorted the emotionally-out-of-control lady off of the show’s set.

Gupta has claimed she’s an “independent,” but, of course, her work for O’Rourke and her consistent pattern of voting in the democrat Primary Election reveals she is a democrat after all. Very clearly, Gupta is another example of the deception of the Texas democrat Party’s “Operation Lift,” which seeks to fool voters to vote for democrats in nonpartisan races to boost their chances for seeking higher office.

Gupta revealed her true deception, however, on Tuesday, October 29, when she was caught moving political signs of opponents and of the Children’s Hope PAC, the citizens group opposing the Conroe Independent School District’s gargantuan and wasteful $677.3 Million bond package also on the November 5 ballot. Gupta intentionally blocked a number of political signs during several days of the Early Voting period.

On Tuesday, October 29, however, a representative of the Children’s Hope PAC moved Gupta’s illegally-placed signs out of the way. Gupta responded hatefully. She called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Two patrol officers arrived at the scene and proceeded to school Gupta in Chapter 255 of the Texas Election Code, which Gupta had obviously violated and which the Children’s Hope PAC representative properly sought to bring into fruition.

After the Sheriff’s Deputies refused to criminalize Gupta’s hate, Gupta then uttered some fictions accusing the PAC representative of so-called “hate speech,” claiming he had called Gupta a “Muslim” and a “terrorist.” In fact, the Children’s Hope PAC’s representative had previously made clear that he knew Gupta was Hindu and was not a Muslim. The Children’s Hope PAC representative also made clear that he has no idea whether Gupta is a terrorist or not and has never offered an opinion on that subject.

Gupta’s own dirty tricks clearly caught up with her.




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