BREAKING NEWS! Woodlands Township Board receives “The Golden Hammer Award” for hammering the taxpayers in illegal governmental pro-incorporation campaign


The Woodlands Board of Directors’ pro-incorporation members and Township General Manager Jeff Jones received “The Golden Hammer Award” on Thursday, October 21, 2021, for “hammering the taxpayers” by misusing government tax funds on a pro-incorporation political campaign.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands, October 22 – The five pro-incorporation members of the Woodlands Township Board of Directors and Township General Manager Jeff Jones (the highest paid local government official in Montgomery County) received “The Golden Hammer Award” for hammering the taxpayers yesterday at a Township Board meeting.

The Golden Hammer‘s Editor-in-Chief Eric Yollick presented the award and handed a Golden Hammer to the Board at the conclusion of his remarks, which follow:

“Good evening, my name is Eric Yollick. I’m the Editor of The Golden Hammer newspaper. I’m also a taxpayer in The Woodlands…

“I watched your October 11 meeting by video. I have to tell you that I was pretty appalled by that meeting. What I saw in that meeting was a huge amount of time spent specifically responding to political statements by one Woodlands residents. Then the Board did the same thing through General Manager Jeff Jones and Board members as well. It was a political campaign during a meeting of this Board of Directors.

“You may have seen in The Golden Hammer newspaper today that I discovered in response to an Open Records Act request that this Board has spent at least $79,000 on a political campaign hiring Cooksey Strategic Communications to do voter list identification, to provide campaign themes, and to provide campaign strategy.

“That is not what government is here for. Government is here to govern, to fulfill your mission. You are not here to spend my tax dollars on a pro-incorporation campaign. That is an abuse of office, whether it’s criminal or not, I’ll leave that up to other people.

“But it is absolutely unacceptable. It is something that you, Chairman Bunch, and I specifically talked about with respect to a campaign that occurred four years ago where I supporting you running for office.

“It shouldn’t happen.

“For that reason, I’m giving y’all ‘The Golden Hammer Award’ today. I’m sorry to do it, because there are a lot of people on this Board whom I genuinely consider as friends. I’m sorry to see the terrible behavior that this Board has exhibited.

“You get ‘The Golden Hammer Award,’ because you are hammering the taxpayers.”



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