Woodlands Residents’ Advocates Founding Father Lazzaro criticizes Bass, The Golden Hammer for Bass’ anti-incorporation opinion piece

The great Paul Lazzaro, Founding Father of The Woodlands Residents’ Advocates and a business and political leader in The Woodlands during the past four decades.

The Woodlands, July 4 – Paul Lazzaro, Founding Father of The Woodlands Residents’ Advocates, and a mainstay of south Montgomery County politics and business for four decades, harshly criticized former Woodlands Township Director Mike Bass and The Golden Hammer for Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper’s publication of an opinion piece by Bass on Wednesday, July 3, 2019.

Bass argued against incorporation of The Woodlands in his opinion piece. Bass has questioned the work of the Woodlands Township Board of Directors in its incorporation study.

Lazzaro has long advocated incorporation of The Woodlands and has worked closely with at least four of the current Woodlands Township Board members on the issue.

Lazzaro’s statement issued to The Golden Hammer on Wednesday follows:

“Regarding Former Woodlands Township Director Mike Bass presentation of the argument against incorporation of The Woodlands under present laws, I can’t wait to see the article by Bernie Madoff about how to invest your money in The Golden Hammer.

“Bass is a strange individual who is against anything that is good for The Woodlands residents. He was FOR expanding Woodlands Parkway. He was FOR giving $60,000 to Conroe for their airport. He ran on Bruce Tough’s hundreds of thousand dollars scam 70% tax increase platform and was soundly defeated again. He claims government expertise but as a former director of tiny 420-acre Clear Lake Shores (The Woodlands is 28,000 acres), he never managed a population of more than 1,109 people (The Woodlands is now at 120,000).

“One of Bass’ former constituents called him a ‘flim-flam’ man in the Houston Chronicle. Looks like he did a flim-flam on the editor of The Golden Hammer in getting this biased and incredibly misleading article published.”




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