Woodlands Marathon official leads runners off course at start, threatens Boston Marathon qualifying

The Woodlands, March 5 – The Woodlands Marathon Management, which presented and officiated the March 4, 2017, Woodlands Marathon, has acknowledged that it discovered that the lead motorcycle inadvertently directed the lead group to skip the second turn on the full marathon course. This error cut 0.8 miles off of the official certified USA Track and Field course, as race officials discovered upon review.

This shortened course may present a serious problem for runners seeking to qualify for the 2018 Boston Marathon for which The Woodlands Marathon has been a qualifying event. The Marathon Management has contacted the Boston Athletic Association to determine whether they may adjust times and submit those for qualification.

Race Director Willie Fowlkes said, “We are extremely disappointed in this outcome. We will do everything in our power to assist those trying to submit qualifying times to the Boston Athletic Association for the 2018 event.”



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