With the truth about their terrible financial present and past coming to the fore, Shenandoah Councilman Fletcher tries counter-punch

Shenandoah City Councilman Ted Fletcher (in dapper jacket), with GOP Treasurer John Hill Wertz looking on, spoke before the Montgomery County Commissioners Court about wind, sails, and how much he likes everything they do on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Conroe and Shenandoah, February 28 – Referring to himself as the royal “We,” Shenandoah City Councilman Ted Fletcher, with one current Federal Tax Lien upon him and his wife, and several bankruptcies, judgments, Federal Tax Liens, and State Tax Liens, in at least three different states across the United States, came before the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to discuss wind, sails, and storms on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Fletcher wasted the Court’s time by explaining, “Being a leader isn’t always an easy voyage to sail. When storms come and the winds blow, the passengers become pessimists.”

Fletcher asked for the support of the members of the Commissioners Court in his re-election bid. “I come humbly for your support to keep Shenandoah strong and support our re-election to City Council, Position Number Two.” (Was Fletcher including his wife in that request for “our re-election”?)

Perhaps, Fletcher wasn’t aware that not one member of the Commissioners Court hails from the City of Shenandoah.

Fletcher has desperately sought endorsements during the past week for his re-election, even though his wife Ritzy Fletcher has proved a major embarrassment to him and to the City of Shenandoah as a result of her tirades during City Council and community meetings. Numerous elected officials have confirmed with this newspaper that they’ve declined to give Fletcher support for his re-election as a result of his financial troubles, which only recently became public knowledge, and as a result of Ritzy Fletcher’s terrible public behavior.

Fletcher has failed to take any actions as a City Councilman to restrain Shenandoah’s wasteful spending. For some reason, the tiny City pays salaries to its City Council members. For some bizarre reason, the City even provides health insurance coverage to City Council members.

Fletcher and his wife have enjoyed the City’s health insurance and have signed up several dependents, who are costing the City approximately $1,200 per month in premiums paid to the City’s insurance agent Ken Smith, a former member of the City Council himself.

In order to try to help the Fletchers, who currently owe more than $31,302 to the Internal Revenue Service, as shown in a Federal Tax Lien, who have filed bankruptcy twice (once in 2012 and once in 1997), who have had other Federal Tax Liens in three different states (California, Indiana, and Texas) over more than two decades, who have at least five state tax liens spanning over a quarter of a century, and who have had judgments against them for debts, Smith and the Fletchers began a few days ago to spin a bizarre story that the Fletchers have had financial problems because they had “problems with a business partner.”

That must have been quite a business partner who gave them problems lasting over a quarter of a century in three different states involving two different bankruptcy filings and a slew of lawsuits. If the partner was so bad in California in 1993, why didn’t the Fletchers drop him then? Are they continuing to do business with the bad partner even now, as they still owe a fortune to the IRS?

In even more bizarre action, early Wednesday, February 27, Smith, who is making a fortune in paid insurance premiums from the City of Shenandoah, largely thanks to the Fletchers’ willingness to spend “other people’s money,” decided to go on the attack against Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper with a comment on Facebook that this newspaper must be criticizing Fletcher, because the Publisher of The Golden Hammer wants to be the City of Shenandoah’s attorney. While the position of City Attorney for the City of Shenandoah, population 4,000, must be quite a lofty position, as the Publisher has made clear since the inception of this newspaper, in “About Us” on the front page, the Publisher has “voted in every election and come to realize that people who run for public office often lie and make false promises. Yollick has not and does not accept funds or services from the government. He’s embarrassed when he enters air-conditioned or heated government buildings and utilizes some of the government-treated air within them. Yollick works for a living so that he can pay taxes to all of the governments that take taxes.”

While the Publisher of this newspaper appreciates the job offer from the City of Shenandoah’s insurance agent, the Publisher must respectfully decline to go on the public dole.

Andrea Konzem, who is a 33-year resident of Shenandoah and works as a legal assistant, is challenging Fletcher in the May 4, 2019, election.




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