With no issues or accomplishments on which she can run, County Treasurer Davenport turns her campaign into name-calling feud

Left to right: JP James Metts, County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, political boss and consultant Marc Davenport.

Conroe, July 16 – With no accomplishments or issues on which she can run for re-election, County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport turned her campaign into a name-calling feud over the Bastille Day weekend. After renowned political leader Melanie Pryor Bush, who currently serves as the President of the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees, announced her candidacy against Davenport for County Treasurer, Davenport’s husband issued a statement referring to Bush as “Ms. Prior Butch.”

Bush responded to the comment by taking the high road and stating:

“Friends, personal attacks have already started against me in my Treasurer campaign. I won’t go there. I’ll focus only on the job at hand. Here’s a clip of the post. No, I won’t make an issue out of who this is. I don’t want folks tempted to badmouth the individual or comment on the post. Please pray for a clean race.”

The public outcry against Davenport and her husband was immense on social media and otherwise. In a pitiful attempt to make the public believe that she disavowed her own husband’s crude comment, her husband then claimed that Davenport asked him in a direct message to discontinue making those comments but she also, of course, expressed her respect for him in concluding the phony message.

Davenport’s husband made clear in a May 23, 2017, letter on behalf of his wife to The Golden Hammer that, when the husband speaks, he does so specifically for Stephanne Davenport as well as his other “clients.” Please see “Should Citizens Tolerate a PR Guy Blocking Communications with Elected Officials? (The Davenports, Part 3),” The Golden Hammer, June 2, 2017.

There are serious issues in the County Treasurer campaign. Bush was correct to keep the focus of her campaign on those issues.

Among the issues in the County Treasurer race are:

  •  Most recently, we’ve learned about Stephanne Davenport’s disclosures of County employee private information for political purposes. A County Treasurer should exercise far more discretion than intentional disclosures of payroll information protected under federal law. Please see “Employee Payroll Confidentiality Breaches Emanate from County Treasurer Davenport’s Office (the Davenports, Part 15),” The Golden Hammer, July 5, 2017.
  • There is a serious problem within the Montgomery County government due to the conflicts of interest involving the duties of the County Auditor which put her into violations of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. As Bush noted in her campaign announcement, auditors should never audit their own work. In the Montgomery County government, the County Auditor keeps the financial books, makes the accounting and bookkeeping entries, and then audits herself, as well as acting as the Chief Budget Officer. Since the County Treasurer cuts the County’s checks, she probably ought to be the bookkeeper for the County who makes the entries into the County’s computer system. Bush runs a very successfully bookkeeping service and has three Bachelor’s degrees in related fields. Davenport has a high school diploma and no experience or competence in the fields of bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Bush has also noted that the payroll, which Davenport’s office does for the entire County, is completely antiquated. County employees still use physical time cards rather than entering time worked data into computers, which is almost unheard of in 2017.
  • Treasurer Davenport has advocated purchasing an enormously-costly enterprise resource planning system that projections now show might cost the taxpayers more than $10 million. Davenport and County Auditor Phyllis Martin have allowed an outside consultant to pull them towards that massively-costly system. Enterprise resource planning might make sense, but the cost proposals from Davenport and Martin are completely out of line with private industry expenditures on identical systems.
  • Nepotism. Davenport attempted to promote County Judge Craig Doyal’s daughter to be her top assistant with a pay raise along with her promotion, although she and her husband repeatedly lied to the public that she did not attempt to do so. After the documents which Davenport issues from her office on September 6, 2016, showed what Davenport was attempting to do, Davenport lied again and told the Commissioners Court and the citizens of this community that someone else in her office was to blame for the “mistake.” On March 14, 2017, Davenport told the Commissioners Court that she refused to identify the individual, who obviously was Davenport herself. Instead, Davenport chose to attack Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw and her staff by stating openly at the podium in the Commissioners Court in a written speech from which she read, “There’s a huge lack of integrity there” in the County Human Resources Department. The document which Davenport issued from her office in which she sought the promotion for the County Judge’s daughter is shown below. It now appears that Davenport’s Treasurer’s Office “reorganization” was not much of a reorganization of her 6-person Department at all. It was merely a thinly-veiled attempt to promote Doyal’s daughter that failed when The Golden Hammer lifted the veil. Please see “County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport Lied About Not Wanting to Promote County Judge’s Daughter in Department Reorganization (The Davenports, Part 5),” The Golden Hammer, June 5, 2017.
  • In numerous instances, Davenport has revealed her emotional and hateful approach towards Montgomery County citizens who dare to disagree with her or, even stranger, who dare to appear at public gatherings with people whom Davenport dislikes. Stephanne Davenport has made clear to Conroe City Councilman Duane Ham and anyone else who dares to socialize with people whom she doesn’t like that they are her enemies. In her own words in a May 25, 2017, text message, they are “Dead. To. Me.” No semi-mature child should act that way let alone an elected official handling a half a billion dollars of public funds each fiscal year. Davenport further told Ham, “Not mad. Done. You can call Marc if you need. Our team doesn’t roll with those who roll with the haters. Steph”. Davenport and her husband Marc threatened County Judge Craig Doyal in late May when Doyal continued to maintain his friendship with Ham. For full coverage, please see “Conroe City Councilman Duane Ham: ‘The Davenports’ Threas Against County Judge Craig Doyal Are An Insult to the Law Enforcement Community and the Citizens.’ (The Davenports, Part 1),” The Golden Hammer, May 31, 2017.
  •  County Treasurer Davenport has made clear that she follows the orders of Marc Davenport. One of those orders is that she may not “work with…on any level” the political clients of any public relations consultant who dares to compete with Marc Davenport. That disengagement for political and business reasons appears to be one of the reasons that the Davenport clients don’t work with Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack, who has used the services of a different consultant, and Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark, who has consistently refused to work with Marc Davenport. Please see “‘My Clients Will Not Work With Her Clients on ay Level or They Will Not be My Clients’: The Davenports’ Direct Interference with County Government (The Davenports, Part 6),” The Golden Hammer, June 7, 2017.
  •  Davenport went around telling people that they’re on her “Hit List” for liking Melanie Bush’s Facebook posts, which is conduct that is completely unbecoming an elected official, a Republican, or anyone who has matured since adolescence. Please see “‘Hit List’ 2.0: County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport Starts Her Own List of ‘Friends’ and ‘Likes” of her Likely Electoral Opponent and CISD President Melanie Pryor Bush (the Davenports, Part 11),” The Golden Hammer, June 23, 2017.

These issues, and many others, should be the focus of the County Treasurer’s race rather than the childish personal attacks which emanate from the County Treasurer’s husband.


Position Description Questionnaire, which County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport prepared in order to give the County Judge’s daughter a promotion. Davenport handed the document to Assistant HR Director Kathy Flowers in a face-to-face meeting in September, 2016. The handwriting contains notes of the HR Department employees. (Source: Montgomery County government.)



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