With focus on building empire, Conroe ISD has allowed educational outcomes to lag terribly at some schools per Texas Education Agency

With focus on building empire, Conroe ISD has allowed educational outcomes to lag terribly at some schools per Texas Education Agency

Image: Left to right: Conroe ISD Superintendent Curtis Null, who heisted the November 5 $677 million bond election; Alphonse “Scarface Al” Capone, who stole the Cicero Town Council election of 1924. They used many of the same methods. Capone wasn’t responsible for the education of children but Null is and he’s failing.

Conroe, January 16 – The Texas Education Agency (“TEA”) released its annual Report Cards on Texas Schools. Conroe Independent School District (CISD) has two elementary schools which received D grades, a major high school which received a C grade, one junior high school which received a low B, and two intermediate schools with low B grades. Many of the elementary schools within the CISD received low C scores for their educational outcomes.

Meanwhile, CISD spent close to half a million dollars on its political campaign to pass a $677 million bond package, part of which failed, and none of which makes any contributions to educational outcomes, according to CISD itself.

The Worst Grades

Texas Education Agency Report Card for San Jacinto Elementary School.

As TEA made clear, San Jacinto Elementary School received a D for “performance that needs improvement by serving too few students well. Not enough students made adequate academic progress for eventual success in college, a career, or the military.” TEA gave San Jacinto Elementary School a over 64 grade, a D, a 62 for student achievement, 65 for school progress, and a 63 for closing the gaps. San Jacinto Elementary School received the worst grade of any school within the CISD.

A close second for the worst grade was Creighton Elementary School with a 65, also a D.

The worst high school in CISD is Caney Creek High School, which inflicts an education graded at a 79, or C. In the area of “closing the gaps,” Caney Creek received only a 71 score, but student achievement was an 81.

TEA Report Card for Caney Creek High School.

Grangerland Intermediate School and Cryar Intermediate School receive 81 scores or low Bs. Moorhead Junior High School received an 80, also a low B.

The lowest scores among all CISD schools were:

  • San Jacinto Elementary School, 64, D.
  • Creighton Elementary School, 65, D.
  • Milam Elementary School, 70, D.
  • Houser Elementary School, 72, C.
  • Sam Houston Elementary School, 74, C. (Tied with Rice Elementary School and Patterson Elementary School.)

Perhaps, it’s time for Null, the Board of Trustees, and the school district administration to focus on educational outcomes rather than building a real estate empire.



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