With billion dollar-plus bond package at stake, Conroe ISD Board to appoint Hubert to fill term of resigning Moore on Tuesday

With billion dollar-plus bond package at stake, Conroe ISD Board to appoint Hubert to fill term of resigning Moore on Tuesday

Image: Resigning Conroe ISD Trustee Scott Moore (left), Board President Skeeter Hubert (center), and Superintendent Curtis Null (right).

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, September 19 – With at stake the more than $1 billion-plus bond package, which the Conroe Independent School District (CISD) administration is formulating and intends to put on the ballot for voters in 2023, the school district faces a serious challenge from three strong insurgent activists who are running for the Board of Trustees in the November 8, 2022, General Election, particularly after Board President Skeeter Hubert suffered disqualification from the ballot for failing to complete his application properly. Therefore, The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, has confirmed that CISD’s Board will likely sprint towards appointing Hubert to fill the Board position of Trustee Scott Moore, whose resignation has loomed for several weeks after it became apparent Moore had moved outside of the school district’s geographic jurisdiction.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the Board will meet and consider agenda item IX.B., which is “Accept Resignation of Trustee Scott Moore and Consider Filling Vacancy.” Moore’s resignation letter states that his departure from the Board is effective November 12.

This newspaper has confirmed that the CISD administration urged Moore to resign effective after Hubert’s term expires, so that the Board may appoint Hubert on September 20, before any of the three conservative insurgents are able to join the Board and create a three to three deadlock. (A similar development occurred in 2003 when Monte West resigned from the Montgomery County Hospital District Board (MCHD) and thereby created a deadlock between liberals who had controlled the Board until that time and three newly-elected conservatives, Francis Bourgeous, Bill Leigh, and David Witt. Ultimately, the appointment of a reform conservative enabled the new majority to bring about reform of MCHD.)

Since Hubert did not qualify for the November 8 Election ballot, Misty Odenweller won that position’s election by default. Conservative insurgent Tiffany Nelson faces four others for the CISD Board Position 1 seat from which Dale Inman is retiring. Conservative insurgent Melissa Dungan is challenging liberal incumbent Ray Sanders for Position 2.

By appointing Hubert to the Moore seat, the Board and CISD’s administration will ensure that a moderate-liberal majority will continue to control the Board of Trustees for at least the two remaining years of Hubert’s term (assuming no other Board vacancies arise). That majority would then have the ability to place the $1 billion-plus bond package on the ballot, unfettered with the desire of conservative reformers to keep property tax burdens on CISD’s beleaguered taxpayers as low as possible.

In response to a question that the plan is to appoint Hubert to Moore’s seat, effective, November, Hubert told The Golden Hammer, “The agenda items accept the resignation of Trustee Scott Moore and consider filling a vacancy. There has been no Board discussion about what will happen, however. The Board can choose to have a special election or appoint someone to fulfill the remainder of Scott Moore’s term. We wish Scott Moore nothing but the best.”

After the article published, Audrey Young, Moore’s wife, contacted The Golden Hammer and noted that she and Moore still maintain an apartment in the geographic jurisdiction of Conroe ISD so that he may continue to serve on the CISD Board. “We make a substantial sacrifice of paying $1800 per month, so that Scott can continue to serve on the Board, which is a volunteer position…We spend two or three nights a week here in the district.”



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