With 9 weeks left until Election Day, Wally Wilkerson, who calls himself the GOP Chairman but claims he’s not part of the Republican Party of Texas, has raised no funds for the Victory 2018 General Election campaign and has done nothing

Under Wally Wilkerson, the Montgomery County Republican Party has slacked off for decades…

Conroe, September 4 – Wally Wilkerson, who still calls himself the County Chairman of the Republican Party but claims the Montgomery County Republican Party is not part of the Republican Party of Texas (the Party which nominated Governor Greg Abbott and all other Republican candidates in the November 6 General Election), has done nothing for the General Election campaign with only 9 weeks left to go until Election Day. Wilkerson has raised no funds, has no plan, and has formulated no strategy.

Wilkerson hasn’t run a General Election campaign at least since 1994, so it’s no wonder he doesn’t know how to get one going.

…but under the great leadership of Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and Victory 2018 Steering Committee Chairman Dale Inman, the Republican Party is organizing and getting ready for the November 6, 2018, General Election.

Meanwhile, the Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee, under the leadership of Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, did establish, with the County GOP Executive Committee’s approval, a Victory 2018 Steering Committee under the Chairmanship of Republican Precinct Chairman Dale Inman. Inman has confirmed to The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, that the Victory 2018 Steering Committee has a battle plan in place and has already begun to organize and campaign.

Inman and Victory 2018 Steering Committee Treasurer Kelli Cook released pushcards for the November General Election campaign on Thursday, August 23, 2018, at the Republican Town Hall meeting where the Republican General Election candidates spoke and answered questions from the large audience of voters who attended.

The theme of the GOP Victory 2018 Campaign is the “Republican Party Is The Party of Reform.” The Committee’s pushcards identify a number of issue that are core Republican issues:

  • Border security
  • Comprehensive tax reform (which President Trump and Congressional Republicans passed in 2017)
  • Strong national defense
  • Texas statewide property tax relief
  • Flood control
  • End the financial insolvency of the retired teachers health system
  • Provide local infrastructure
  • Pass local comprehensive ethics reform
  • Openness and transparency in government
  • Substantially reduce government spending at the local level and reduce the local tax burden
  • Support law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Wilkerson, who has declared his independence from the Republican Party (which is not particularly surprising since he hasn’t supported the Republican Party Platform in at least a quarter of a century), proffered a proposed budget for the Montgomery County Republican Party during the August 28, 2018, County Executive Committee meeting. The County Executive Committee never approved Wilkerson’s proposed budget, which must do under the Party’s Bylaws for Wilkerson to have the right to spend any funds. Strangely, Wilkerson’s proposed budget didn’t include any proposed expenditures for campaigning or for making contributions to Republican candidates in the General Election.

Local Republican Parties across Texas regularly make contributions to General Election candidates to support them in their electoral bids. Under Wilkerson, the Montgomery County Republican Party hasn’t made a contribution to a local General Election candidate since approximately 1998 and, in fact, asks candidates for them to give money to the Party, not the other way around, which is a bizarre turn of procedures.

Wilkerson has refused to share any funds with the Victory 2018 Committee, likely because the Committee is campaigning for the election of Republican candidates. Wilkerson, instead, plans to spend most of the Party’s money on paying a salary to melinda fredricks, Wilkerson’s personal secretary, and rent for his decrepit office. Montgomery County Republican Party Treasurer John Wertz confirmed that Wilkerson told him that the Party had the following accounts as of June 26, 2018:

  • Primary Account, $36,953
  • Money Market Account, $35,219,73
  • Checking Account, $1,510
  • Corporate Account $51.48.

Wilkerson should start writing checks. First, he should make all funds available to the Victory 2018 Committee. If Wilkerson were a true Republican, he’d work as hard as possible to support the Victory 2018 Steering Committee’s General Election campaign. Second, Wilkerson should write a check to each of the Republican candidates for local office who face democrat opponents on November 6 in the amount of at least $1,500 each. That’s what political parties do: they support candidates, not decrepit offices and personal secretaries.

Wilkerson is the best friend of the Montgomery County democrat party. Sitting on his hands, he’s helping them. That’s not particularly surprising since he claims the “Montgomery County Republican Party” is “not part of the Republican Party of Texas.”





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