Windsor Hills’ Larry Rogers delivered the best citizen comment ever to the April 24 Commissioners Court

Windsor Hills’ Larry Rogers delivered the best citizen comment ever on April 24, 2018.

Conroe, May 4 – Larry Rogers, the Republican Precinct Chairman who lives in Windsor Hills, a senior community on the north side of State Highway 242 and who is a resident of Commissioners Precinct 2, delivered the best citizen comment ever to the April 24, 2018, meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. His County Commissioner, Charlie Riley, as well as Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, ignored Rogers’ comment.

Rogers is a long-time conservative leader in Montgomery County and an active member of the Montgomery County Tea Party as well as Chairman of its Political Action Committee. He has worked very hard to increase voter turnout in Voting Precinct 75 as well as to provide better information to the voters in that area before they vote.

Rogers’s comment in full follows.

“Good morning, Commissioners. Thank you for the opportunity to speak before you. My name is Larry Rogers. I live in Precinct 2.

“What does a clue look like?

“You in Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court are preparing to spend 5 million of our property tax dollars to continue to develop the 249 Tollroad. Some of you plan to do this ignoring the input from the citizens and without any public vote.

“What does a clue look like?

“In the March 6 Republican Primary, the people voted on Proposition 2, which read, ‘No government entity should ever construct or fund construction of tollroads without voter approval.’ This is a proposition that the County Executive Committee of Republican Precinct Chairs voted on and got on the March 6 ballot statewide.

“What does a clue look like?

“An astonishing 91.27% of Montgomery County voters said ‘Yes’ on this proposition.

“What does a clue look like?

“Chapter 284 of the Texas Transportation Code says that voters can present a petition to the County government for a referendum on the proposed revenue bonds for the $76 million to $129 million Tollroad 249 project, which the County government has let the contract for the tollroad.

“Today, some members of the Commissioners Court hope to cut off the voters’ rights to petition for a referendum by letting a portion of the contract up to $5 million.

“Gentlemen, what does a clue look like?

“I ask that you vote ‘No.'”

There was enormous applause. Doyal turned red-faced but looked away from the audience in shame.



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