Wilkerson disrupts, loses control, then walks out of County GOP Executive Committee meeting, which then celebrates campaign success under grassroots conservative leadership

Highly confused Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson waited for the County GOP Executive Committee meeting to begin on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. Wilkerson disprupted and then lost control of the meeting almost immediately.

Conroe, August 29 – Wally Wilkerson, who now claims his organization is no longer “part of the Republican Party of Texas” quickly lost control of the August 28, 2018, County GOP Executive Committee meeting. Even though he acknowledged the County Executive Committee (CEC) had already elected a parliamentarian on June 26, 2018, Wilkerson began the meeting by trying to appoint his own parliamentarian, Dennis Clark of Houston.

By that action, Wilkerson disrupted his own meeting. He created a terrible mess as numerous County government servants, including County Attorney J.D. Lambright, County Judge Craig Doyal, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Meador, Precinct 5 Constable David Hill, and Precinct 1 Constable Philip Cash watched.

Scott Baker, a Precinct Chairman who sides with Wilkerson and generally tries to interrupt speakers with whom he doesn’t agree, shouted out “This is a joke, a farce.” At that point, Baker was correct: Wilkerson’s behavior was a joke and a farce.

Wilkerson’s choice for a new parliamentarian quickly began to disrupt the meeting by trying to speak even though he wasn’t a member of the CEC. Clark did a terrible job advising Wilkerson who completely lost control of the meeting within 10 minutes of the prayer and pledges of allegiance to the Flags that began the meeting.

In a bizarre move, Wilkerson, acknowledged that the CEC had validly elected attorney Daniel Ure as Parliamentarian on June 26, 2018, during the Organizational Meeting of the CEC. Nevertheless, Wilkerson stated that he wanted Clark to act as parliamentarian instead.

Wilkerson explained his rationale for acting by fiat rather than by the valid vote of the CEC two months ago: “I am the Chairman of the MCRP,” Wilkerson proclaimed.

Wilkerson’s allies and the grassroots conservative made numerous parliamentary objections. After 1 hour and 15 minutes of the meeting, the only things accomplished were that the CEC voted to recognize four Precinct Chairs whom the CEC had appointed at a validly-called meeting on August 7, 2018. The vote on recognizing those Precinct Chairs as validly-appointed was 44 to 29. During the debate on whether to recognize those four appointed Precinct Chairs, Quentin Smith, a conservative Republican who happens to be African-American, rose and asked “Are you taking away my right to vote?”

Wilkerson responded, “Yes.” Fortunately, Wilkerson and his allies lost that vote that would have disenfranchised validly-appointed conservative Republicans.

Conservative Republican Precinct Chairman Quentin Smith pled with Wally Wilkerson, “Are you taking away my right to vote?” Several Precinct Chairs watched the actions of Wilkerson with embarrassment. Wilkerson responded, “Yes.”

Wilkerson made a major mistake during the meeting when he acknowledged that “we’re bound by both the Texas Election Code and the Party Bylaws.” Wilkerson has attempted to argue through his attorneys that he and the Montgomery County Republican Party are not subject to the provisions of Texas election law or the Texas Election Code.

Soon after Wilkerson’s blunder, the County Executive Committee voted 41 to 31 not to permit Wilkerson’s choice for his own parliamentarian to participate in the meeting. At that point, Clark abruptly got up and left the meeting.

The major turning point against Wilkerson during the meeting came when the CEC finally got around to approving an agenda for the meeting. The CEC approved an agenda for the meeting that didn’t include Wilkerson attempting to appoint his own officers and committees in violation of the Party’s Bylaws. That vote was a standing vote of approximately 50 to 20 against Wilkerson.

Despite the fact that Wilkerson contends that the Montgomery County Republican Party is “not part of the Republican Party of Texas,” Wilkerson then asked the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) members who sit on the Republican Party of Texas governing body to present reports. Allison Winter, the SREC Committeewoman from Senatorial District 4, gave a brief report in which she explained that the SREC received an independent audit showing that there had been no mishandling of money by the State Party leadership and that the total financial discrepancy between the books and the actual accounts was $1.20 in the Republican Party of Texas financial coffers.

Wilkerson then asked Party Treasurer John Hill Wertz to provide a report. Wertz reported that Wilkerson failed to provide access to the bank accounts. Wilkerson tried to argue with Wertz but seemed confused and disoriented.

Wilkerson then must have believed he was operating under a different agenda for the meeting, as he began to appoint committee chairs. Several CEC members called Wilkerson out of order.

Wilkerson then walked out of the meeting and his few remaining allies walked out with him.

Vice Chairman Reagan Reed announced, “The Chair has abandoned the chair. With regret, I will preside over the meeting.”

At that point, however, the meeting became efficient and downright celebratory in tone.

The high point of the meeting came when Victory 2018 Steering Committee Chairman Dale Inman presented his Committee’s report about all of its successful activities to prepare for the November 6, 2018, General Election campaign. “Our goal is to get our candidates with democrat opposition elected. We want every Republican involved in getting candidates election.”

Inman explained, “My philosophy is the Party should be supporting the candidates, not the other way around.” Inman made that comment with respect to his belief that Republican candidates and elected servants should not feel obligated to give money to the Republican Party. Rather, the Party should help them financially in their campaigns.

“Our goal is to advance our Platform and elect our candidates,” Inman told the crowd to thunderous applause.

Conroe Republican Precinct Chairman Dale Inman, the Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee, gave a fiery speech that greatly encouraged Republican activists during the August 28 CEC meeting.

One of the final actions the CEC took was to vote 40 to 1, or by a 97.6% margin, to ratify the adoption of the Bylaws and overrule all of the bizarre statements and rulings of Wilkerson who has labored under the mistaken belief that he has the right to rule by fiat regardless of Texas election law, Republican Party of Texas Rules, or the County GOP’s Bylaws.




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