Why voters should get rid of the Davenport Ring, Part 1: Montgomery County JP Metts would make history in a negative way if elected a county commissioner

JP James Metts who is running for Precinct 4 County Commissioner against incumbent County Commissioner Jim Clark and MCHD Board member Bob Bagley.

New Caney and Conroe, February 13— Montgomery County voters have an opportunity in the March 6, 2018 Republican Primary election to disassemble the pernicious and corrupt group of politicians and elected officials known as the Davenport Ring. The Davenport Ring, under the leadership of corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport, has offered voters a candidate for elected office who would make history if elected as having one of the worst backgrounds of any person ever to hold public office in the state of Texas.

Never before in Texas history has a person run for a county commissioner position with the following three attributes unique to James Metts:

  • Owns nothing,  so property taxes don’t matter to him. He owns no property in Montgomery County, so decisions to raise property taxes would be of no consequence to him. Metts carefully avoids ownership of real property so that his creditors, including a judgment creditor holding a judgment in the range of $200,000, can’t collect from him.
  • Sexual harassment findings against him. Metts cost Montgomery County taxpayers $45,000.00 in a settlement after the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that he had sexually harassed another County government employee by repeatedly asking her to have sex with him at work, even going so far as to threaten to hit her if she wouldn’t have sex with him. Metts terminated the employee for refusing over three years to have sex with him. After she sued the County, the taxpayers had to pick up Metts’ sexual harassment tab.
  • Death case. Metts pulled his logging truck into oncoming traffic on FM 1485 in 2002, causing the death of a man unable to brake quickly enough to avoid a collision. Metts settled with the man’s estate after the man’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Metts.

Those three attributes should be sufficient to disqualify any candidate for public office. Nevertheless, the Davenport Ring doesn’t push candidates forward based upon merit. Rather, Davenport and his lieutenants focus on power, money, and little else.

While Metts has done a terrible job as Precinct 4 JP, he’s done exactly what the Davenport Ring has wanted. Metts has focused on a computer database for his JP court, NetData, that has fostered a business relationship for his court while losing the County millions of dollars in uncollected fees and fines. Metts has collected a paycheck in excess of $126,000.00 per year, but works less than part-time hours, is often absent for weeks at a time, and never holds court on Fridays.

The entire argument that Metts and the Davenport Ring have made in favor of his election is the following: “Metts 2018.” In other words, it’s a power play with no merit to support his election. The people who support Metts seem to have a direct financial or political interest in his election and have shown no interest in the public good. Metts has recruited a team of convicted felons to help run his campaign. They’ve helped with his signs, attacking critics on social media, and bullying anyone who would dare question whether Metts deserves election as a county commissioner.

Metts received the Golden Hammer’s Mad Cow 2017 Award for the worst elected official in Montgomery County for a good reason: he was by far the worst and has cost the taxpayers of Montgomery County a fortune.

The people of East Montgomery County deserve better than James Metts, who avoids property ownership in order to evade his judgment creditors, who sexually harasses employees, and who without remorse caused a man to lose his life.

East Montgomery County should make history by its growth, prosperity, and good citizens. East Montgomery County should turn back the power play of the Davenport Ring’s Metts.



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