Why do liberals always win and conservatives always lose? (Plus a defense of Congressman Kevin Brady???)

Why do liberals always win and conservatives always lose? (Plus a defense of Congressman Kevin Brady???)

Image: United States Congressman and House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, Republican of The Woodlands.

ERIC YOLLICK, The Golden Hammer

It all started with a terrible mistake: I paid attention to what government was doing.

Now, let’s get the cards on the table. We all agree I’m not perfect. In fact, I’m quite flawed.

Nevertheless, there’s one principle to which I’ve consistently adhered: government messes people’s lives up outside of providing its two core functions, national security and public safety. Sorry, folks, but government does a lousy job.

In the past five days, however, we’ve all gotten to see a direct example of something very important: WHY DO THE LIBERALS ALWAYS WIN? Why does government always grow and never reduce spending? Why do liberal moral beliefs, such as moral acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism or moral acceptance of abortions, always eventually gain broad societal acceptance? (By the way, I’m such a bad person that I’m unwilling to accept that those positions – higher taxation and higher spending, transgenderism, or abortion – are morally right.)

The answer, fundamentally, is that so-called “conservatives” do not defend their beliefs. (There may be some sociological reasons why they don’t, but that’s appropriate for discussion elsewhere, and it also requires a lot more space than I want to devote right now.)

Here’s what happened.

I live in Montgomery County, Texas. Montgomery County is mostly a suburban community of Houston. It’s one of the most rapidly growing areas of the United States. More importantly for this analysis, it’s one of the most consistently Republican voting areas in all of Texas, which is also a consistently Republican state. Most of the general election voters vote straight Republican. Since all of the Republicans always win, Montgomery County voters elect their officeholders in the Republican Primary Election in the spring. Usually, Republicans don’t even have other candidates from other political parties to face in the general election.

The entire County government is Republican. All five members of our local Commissioners Court have been Republican for two decades. All of our state legislators from this area are Republican. All of our judges and other elected officials are Republican. Our Congressman is Kevin Brady, Republican from The Woodlands, who is now the Chairman of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee. Brady has voted for TARP, other federal bailouts, funding of abortion organizations within the federal budget, and the increased spending growth of federal government for two decades, but we don’t really seem to care, because he’s a Republican.

The Montgomery County government has grown at a much faster pace of spending than the State of Texas government or the federal government. I guess that’s what happens when there are five out of five Commissioners Court members who are Republicans for two decades.

The quarter century of local Republican hegemony has resulted in a situation where liberals realize that their only chance of getting elected is to run as a Republican. Therefore, a lot of our Republican officeholders are far more like big spending liberals than anything mentioned in the Republican Party Platform.

It all came to a head, however, on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, around 9:43 a.m. I attend every Commissioners Court meeting and usually sit on the front row. I’m so stupid that I listen to what they’re doing and then write an online newspaper about what I’ve observed. Of course, that makes me a really bad person.

What I observed on November 14 was the reading of two “proclamations” for Montgomery County Adoption Day and Montgomery County Adoption Month. Now, any good conservative would support adoption. Hopefully, it’s a way to give children good homes. It’s also a great alternative to abortions.

The problem arose, however, because I, apparently unlike the five members of the Commissioners Court or the three dozen or so people in the room, listened to the words a young man read. The proclamation didn’t just support adoption. It went much further. It supported adoption by transgender individuals.

Now, I make many mistakes. Not only do I listen to words spoken but I also make the terrible mistake of reading. One of the things I’ve read is the Republican Party of Texas Platform which pretty clearly opposes transgender adoption.

Amazingly, the five Republican members of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court voted – twice – to support transgender adoptions. No one on the Commissioners Court suggested an amendment to strike the transgender language, so that our community could merely support adoptions in general.

Why did they not do that? Because none of them paid any attention to the words in the resolutions. The County Judge, Craig Doyal, and his staff apparently never read the proclamations they put on the Commissioners Court meeting agenda. After the public posting of the agenda, none of the County Judge or the Commissioners or their staffs reviewed the wording of the two proposed proclamations. When the young lawyer read the two proclamations word-for-word out loud in the Commissioners Court’s public meeting, none of the five members of the governing authority listened to what he read. Then, after they voted – twice – unanimously to adopt the resolutions, the County Judge and all four of the Commissioners signed the two proclamations without reading them.

Obviously, the main problem there is that the County Judge, who is supposed to manage the County government under current policy, and the four County Commissioners, who have a duty under the Texas Constitution to manage and oversee County business, just plainly don’t do their jobs. That’s why they’ve failed to control wasteful spending.

The next step in this ugly process, however, came when the highly-flawed author of this article wrote and published an article in The Golden Hammer newspaper, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, because it reports facts, even though they’re sometimes pretty ugly. The article appeared on Thursday, November 16, 2017, under the headline “Doyal Defies GOP Platform, Supports Transgender Adoptions, Tricks Commissioners Court to Follow,” The Golden Hammer, November 14, 2017. Since the County Judge, Doyal, had placed the two proclamations on the proposed agenda and since he had sponsored them, it would seem that Doyal should receive the brunt of the blame.

Doyal properly received substantial criticism for his bonehead moves. While there’s nothing wrong – and everything right – about adoptions, the idea of supporting adoptions by transgender individuals would seem to place the interests of the adopting adults above the interests of the children. (Now, let’s be honest about that. There may be some transgender individuals who make fine parents. In fact, there may be transgender individuals who make far better parents than others. But that doesn’t mitigate the point: Doyal and his colleagues supported transgender adoptions in defiance of the Republican Party Platform on which they were elected and under circumstances where there remains a lot of serious societal analytical discussion about whether transgender adoptions are good or bad for children.)

But then a funny thing happened. The liberals intervened! First, numerous liberals made clear that the Publisher of The Golden Hammer is a terrible person. Second, a lady who is the president of the board of the local Child Protective Services, made a video on Facebook in which she tearfully took the blame for the offending proclamations for which she apologized to the Publisher, the entire Montgomery County community which she noted is “conservative,” and to the Commissioners Court. She apologized for taking the resolutions from other states’ similar proclamations and for failing to read the resolutions before she submitted them.

The Publisher of The Golden Hammer had never met nor heard of the CPS lady until she came out with the video. But, of course, the CPS lady’s friends all began to criticize The Golden Hammer for “throwing stones” at her.

It’s not clear at all how a newspaper could “throw stones” at someone whose name didn’t appear in a story and about whom the newspaper was not aware.

The point of the article in The Golden Hammer was that the County Judge and Commissioners Court didn’t read or listen to the proclamations they passed. It doesn’t matter who handed them the proclamations for inclusion in the agenda. After that happened, you’d have thought – and expected – that the County Judge, Doyal, and the four County Commissioners would read or listen to the proclamation on which they voted. If they had read or listened, then you’d expect that they would amend the proclamation by removing the transgender adoption language.

Instead, the County Judge and the CPS president have chosen to turn the issue into their claims that someone was throwing stones at an individual who apparently is popular among some group of people. Neither the County Judge nor his staff have admitted to their failures to do their jobs by reading the proclamations before including them on the agenda.

But more importantly this whole situation revealed the precise reason that LIBERALS ALWAYS WIN! You see, after the County Judge and the CPS president started to try to shift the discussion away from the transgender adoption issue towards a defense of the terrible attack (???) on the beloved CPS president, essentially no conservatives or Republicans stepped forward to question (1) how the Commissioners Court could vote for two proclamations without knowing what was in them, and (2) how the 5 out of 5 Republican member Commissioners Court could so obviously vote in favor of a moral position so contrary to the Platform of the Republican Party of Texas.

In the face of liberal vehemence, when it comes to government spending issues or moral issues, conservatives run away from liberals. Conservatives don’t stand up for their beliefs. Conservatives don’t even want to talk to liberals. Conservatives fear that when they stand up for their beliefs, they’ll have to face personal attacks that have nothing whatsoever to do with the issues they claim are so important.

Either many conservatives are cowards or they aren’t really that conservative.

In defense of Kevin Brady

I’ve known Kevin Brady for a quarter of a century. I knew him when he was still President of the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce. He’s a nice and decent person. Kevin’s wife, Cathy, is a terrific lady. They have two wonderful children. Kevin is a devout Catholic. He’s a genuine believer in Pro-Life, conservative, and Republican principles.

I supported Kevin when he ran for Congress in 1996 to succeed the retiring Jack Fields. I still consider Kevin Brady a friend.

Nevertheless, I’m very cognizant of the fact that Kevin Brady, who has risen to the position of Chairman of the United States House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, has a terrible voting record. He votes with the Republican leadership every time whether it’s for bigger federal spending budgets, federal bailouts, or appropriations bills that include funding for abortions.

Do I still believe Kevin Brady is a good person? Yes. Is he strong enough to resist the powerful forces that drive the Republicans in the U.S. House to vote for bigger government and higher taxes? No.

Why are you blaming Kevin, however? Look in your own backyard! In Montgomery County, Texas, our County government has grown spending and taxes faster than almost any other taxing entity anywhere in the United States! Where are you at the Commissioners Court meetings? Where are you to complain about the $100 million or so of waste in the County budget? Where are you to complain about the $40 million or so of spending shortfall in the local law enforcement budget?

If our County Judge, our County Commissioners, our County Treasurer, our local representatives in the state legislature, or you can’t resist the powerful local forces causing our local government to grow spending at a pace almost double that of the federal government, how is it fair for you to criticize poor Kevin Brady for not being able to resist the same forces at the national level?

If you, conservatives, cannot fight for your beliefs locally…if you, conservatives, will not fight for your beliefs locally…if you, conservatives, will not fight for your beliefs in the Texas Legislature, which is two-thirds Republican and still passes frighteningly liberal spending…then why are you picking on poor Kevin Brady?

Give Kevin Brady a break. He’s just as weak as you and I are!




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