Why are the government expansionist liberals always winning?

Ohio Governor John Kasich, elected as a Republican, quoted the philosophy of President John F. Kennedy, an expansionist liberal democrat, this evening in an interview.

ERIC YOLLICK, The Golden Hammer

Los Angeles, May 5 – This evening during an interview Ohio Governor John Kasich, elected as a Republican, quoted the philosophy of President John F. Kennedy, an expansionist liberal, in the context of discussion why he support the government providing health care to all Ohioans. “A rising tide lifts all,” Kasich quoted Kennedy as saying.

Kasich, at one time in his career, had a reputation as a conservative Republican. Now, he seems moderate or even liberal. The John Kasich who served as an Ohio Congressman and the longtime Chairman of the House Budget Committee seems almost a different person from the Kasich of today. But they both have identical DNA.

What happened? Why do so-called “conservatives” of today seem to be the philosophical equivalents of what many referred to as liberals or even socialists 50 years ago?

The answer is actually very simple. Just go to the Third Law of Thermodynamics: S > 0. Entropy, or the dispersion of physical matter, is always greater than zero. Similarly, government growth seems always to be greater than 0.

Why is it true that government growth always occurs? Why doesn’t government ever shrink? In a community, such as Montgomery County, Texas, why don’t all of the conservative Republican voters effectively put people into office who effectively work to reduce the size of government?

We must acknowledge two fundamental aspects of human nature. First, elected office tends not to attract the best in society but rather the worst. Look who runs. You don’t see extraordinarily talented businesspeople such as Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, or the Koch brothers running for office. To get where they are, they’ve taken risks and they’ve made major mistakes throughout their lives. People who aren’t beautifully starched can’t get elected. Look at our County Commissioners Court. Craig Doyal, Mike Meador, and Charlie Riley are not people of great accomplishments in the private world before they ran for government jobs. Rather, they’re people who accomplished little or nothing in the private sector before they began to take public paychecks. They never took risks. They never experienced substantial periods of their lives when they had to fight for their own and their employees’ paychecks by providing a good or service with a profit margin. I’ve spoken to several people in recent weeks who have contemplated running for some office and then decided against it. They don’t want to face the dirt, the mistakes they’ve made exaggerated or completely falsified, the lies, the terrible press coverage by so-called “journalists” who often lack adequate cognition even to understand about whey they’re trying to write. Since the people whom government service generally attracts are the worst and not the best that society has to offer, they tend to be shallow intellectually. They don’t understand that they could act as a brake on government growth. Rather, most people who enter government service – even so-called conservative Republican legislators – tend to come to the belief rather quickly that they are there to serve THE GOVERNMENT, not the people who elected them.

Second, after government implements programs upon which people come to depend, government gains a steady constituency of supporters. We’re all so dependent upon government services – health care, roads, clean air, food and drug regulations, television regulation and censorship – that we gradually come to lose the imagine to live in a world without those services, or where the private sector might compete to provide those services, or where families might choose to provide their own protections with respect to those matters. 8 years ago, Obama and the democrats could hardly get a health care bill passed. Now, the dependence upon the national health care regime that Obama and the democrats created is so firmly entrenched that the Republicans can hardly get a reform of the entrenched 8-year-old system to pass.

Look at the mighty fight Doyal, Riley, and Meador are giving in an attempt merely to cut a bloated $377 million budget by $100 million and put $40 million of the savings back into law enforcement and capital reserves. Doyal, Riley, and Meador tell County Department heads that they face extinction. Since Doyal has family working in the County government, Riley has family working in the County government, and Meador has family working in the County government, those who propose budget cuts threaten the Doyal-Riley-Meador families. It’s not just policy questions of doing what’s right. Since Doyal, Riley, and Meador don’t know how to garner a paycheck from anywhere but government, they will fight mightily for the “rights” of government against the invading and marauding citizens who dare to claim that they have more right to their tax dollars than does the government which takes care of all, provides comfort, and provides a so-called “safety net,” one of the hollowest promises of all.

Kasich has enjoyed the public dole and the fruits of that dole for decades now. So have Doyal, Riley, and Meador. They don’t serve as elected officials reluctantly by making a serious personal sacrifice to take time away from their private lives. Instead, government jobs have been their entire existence.

The Third Law is S > 0. The First Law of Modern Politics is “Government Growth > 0, unless the citizens step in and take their lives back.”




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