West Nile spikes in south Montgomery County

Spring, July 5 – Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s Mosquito Abatement Department has indicated that West Nile activity this year is more widespread than in recent seasons.

So far, the mosquito abatement team reports that approximately one-third (25 of 78) of its operational zones have at least one positive mosquito sample. There have been 38 positive samples collected in Montgomery County, of which 28 are in The Woodlands.

The Precinct 3 team is taking the necessary measures to ensure that all areas are treated as quickly as possible. Treatment in the affected areas includes spraying all streets, county rights of way, storm sewers and ditches, among other mosquito-breeding areas.

Residents can check the treatment activity map at Precinct3.org/mosquito-abatement/.

Residents are advised to take personal protective measures, such as insect repellent, wearing long, light loose clothing and eliminating standing water.

Remember to THINK WET!: “Wear repellent, Eliminate standing water, Treat water you can’t eliminate.”



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