Wayne Mack’s employee loses her moorings, while Commissioners Court votes for “establishment” candidates for Appraisal District

Wayne Mack’s employee loses her moorings, while Commissioners Court votes for “establishment” candidates for Appraisal District

Image: Wayne Mack’s Court Coordinator Missy Ringo spent the entire morning in the Montgomery County Commissioners Court during County business hours and, on behalf of Mack, invited people who don’t like “taxes or…red light cameras” to “move out of the county.”

Conroe, November 15 – The Montgomery County Commissioners Court’s consideration of nominees for two positions on the Board of Directors of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District brought out some bizarre behavior, which County Judge Craig Doyal, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador quickly followed with the expected vote to elect two “establishment” candidates, Barry Blanton and Bob Casey, who will surely go along with the Appraisal District’s efforts to increase property taxes as rapidly as possibly through artificial appraisal increases that often tax families out of the ability to live in their homes.

The discussion began with some bizarre “citizen” comments

The discussion began with Doyal’s favorite citizen, Sherry Shorten, who had nothing meaningful to say other than an expression of hatred for one candidate who didn’t even stand the slightest chance of election to the MCAD Board of Directors. What was so remarkable about Shorten’s comment, however, was her introduction:

“My name is Sherry Shorten. I’m from Precinct 4. I’m also here to speak about the candidates for MCAD. My husband asked that I read a letter that has been supplied with supporting documentation to every member of the court here today.

“Before I begin, in full disclosure, my husband asked that we make everyone aware of the fact that we are ex-felons. We’re felons. We have been referred to as ‘trash’ by one particular member of this Court. That we are members of the school bus family but in the last five years we have put our lives back together. We have completed everything and we are voting, active members in Montgomery County.”

Shorten works closely with corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport and embattled JP James Metts who plans to run against Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark, so that the Davenport Ring can wrest the purchasing function in Precinct 4 under their control.

A few other citizens spoke in favor of particular candidates whom they supported. One candidate whom several citizens supported for election to the MCAD Board of Directors was Gregory Parker, the former two-term Comal County Commissioner and experienced city manager, who is now running for Precinct 2 County Commissioner against incumbent Riley and longtime businessman and Republican activist Brian Dawson.

The highlight of the entire discussion came from Missy Ringo, Wayne Mack’s court coordinator. Ringo failed to identify herself as Mack’s coordinator or even as a county employee. She came into the Courtroom in full agitation and her presence clearly perked up the Sheriff’s Office deputy watching the festivities.

Ringo turned to a large group of conservative Republican activists and invited people who don’t like “taxes or…red light cameras” to “move out of the county.” The “red light cameras” reference obviously referred to the work of Campaign for Liberty Coordinator Kelli Cook, a close associate of former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, against red light cameras.

“Ringo turned to a large group of conservative Republican activists and invited people who don’t like ‘taxes or…red light cameras’ to ‘move out of the county.'”

Ringo has had a problem with her use of pornographic images on social media during County work hours, as this newspaper reported in “Wayne Mack’s Court: Wheelhouse of Inappropriate Behavior, Employee Idleness (The Davenports, Part 9),” June 19, 2017. Mack apparently has encouraged Ringo’s idleness, because she spent half a work day at the Commissioners Court meeting during County business hours. Ringo receives an annual salary of $41,558.28, plus County benefits of approximately $16,747.99, for total annual compensation from the taxpayers of approximately $58,306.27.

Despite severe problems with Mack’s docket and the fact that Ringo had to leave his office in the middle of the work day to attend the meeting, Mack sent Ringo to lose her moorings and say the following on his behalf:

“Commissioners, thank you for having me here today. I’m loud so you’ll all be able to hear me. My name is Missy Ringo. I here to protest the nomination of Eric Yollick to the board of directors for the Montgomery County Appraisal District or any position that involves decisions regarding this county. Eric Yollick constantly attacks this county and our elected officials and we all know it’s because he has an agenda. If he’s attacking you it’s because he’s intimidated by you or his candidates are intimidated by you. If he doesn’t succeed in getting a reaction out of you then he starts in on your secretaries or your employees or your families, which is unacceptable. It is creepy and it’s threatening and now he’s on the custodial department because he wants to get a rise out of Judge Mack who is one of the best leaders of this county. We all know that.

“So the very people that he writes about are the very people that have contributed the most to this county. And then, in the midst of a hurricane, we can all understand and know what all of you did during the hurricane to help this county and where was Eric Yollick? He was behind his computer writing about how all of you did it wrong. Nothing else but writing about how they did it wrong. You don’t have one good thing, he doesn’t have one good thing to say about this county. I have a problem with that. All of you that are elected are because you love this county. If you can’t say one good thing about this county and I speak for this whole area right here. If you don’t have one good thing to say about this county. We’ve got the schools, we’ve got the job opportunities. We’ve got many things in this county that are incredible. So, I can assure you the Golden Hammer is not one of them. The Golden Hammer is obviously nothing than a..a an incredible source of a propaganda who is…you…you started that in the name of the press so you can slander all of them. It’s like a teenage school girl bully when you read it.

“He portrays this county like we are a bunch of idiots with corrupt leaders and we’re all running around voting for the good old boy blindly cause we’re all just stupid. No. We researched our candidates, their causes, their achievements, their contributions to this county and we voted and here you are. Here you are. We’re the fastest growing county in the nation and we certainly didn’t get to this point by running a corrupt government where everybody..all of you leaders are in it for yourselves. People don’t decide to just pick up and move here without studying, without looking into the taxes or the properties or the schools. So that in itself speaks for itself about this county.

“[Turning to face several conservative Republican activists who regularly attend the Commissioners Court, including Bill O’Sullivan, Ginger Russell, John Wertz, Calvin Russell, Kelli Cook, Gregory Parker, and others] And to all of the haters of Montgomery County who speak the loudest, it’s very simple. Move, move out of the county. Find a county where you don’t’ have taxes or red light, red light cameras or tolls or laws on stalking or attorneys who can practice zero ethics. Thank you.”

In sum, Mack, through Ringo, has invited anyone who doesn’t appreciate “taxes or…red light cameras” to “move out of the county.” Apparently, Mack believes that anyone who speaks up against corruption is a “hater” who doesn’t belong in Montgomery County.

During a break in the middle of the Commissioners Court meeting, Ringo felt obligated to walk over to a circle of Republican leaders who were discussing local politics. Ringo physically pushed her way into the middle of the discussion. When the leaders moved to another area, Ringo continued following Parker, the Russells, Wertz, and Cook. As the Commissioners Court meeting resumed, the representative of the Sheriff’s Office received a notification that Ringo’s agitation was continuing. Ringo then made some bizarre comment to the group of leaders about “false eyelashes.”

The Commissioners Court continues the bizarre behavior

The Commissioners Court began the discussion of the election of two nominees to the MCAD Board with Meador announcing that he would not participate in the vote on the issue, since he was one of the people nominated for the Board. Of course, eventually, when it became clear that the three “establishment” members of the Commissioners Court – Doyal, Riley, and Meador – would require Meador’s vote in order to elect their two candidates, Meador changed his announced intention and voted!

The strange discussion began with Noack nominating Clark’s choice of Guy Hancock of East Montgomery County and Noack’s choice of Peggy Hausman, a longtime community leader from The Woodlands. Clark seconded Noack’s motion, which failed on a 2 (Clark, Noack) to 3 (Doyal, Riley, Meador) vote. Since Noack’s original motion was to allocate most of the Commissioner Court votes to Hausman and fewer votes to Hancock, Noack tried it again with a motion to nominate Hancock with the most votes and Hausman with the fewer number of votes. That motion also failed on a 2 to 3 vote.

At that point, Doyal turned to Riley to ask Riley whom he wanted to serve on the MCAD Board. Riley then nominated Doyal’s choice, Bob Casey, and Barry Blanton, whom none of the Commissioners Court members had originally nominated but who is a popular member of the political “establishment.” Very rapidly, the Commissioners Court voted 3 (Doyal, Riley, Meador) to 2 (Clark, Noack) to elect the exact two “establishment” nominees whom The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, had predicted they’d elect.

The school districts will likely elect two other Board of Directors members. Those two will likely be Meador and “establishment” favorite Bruce Tough, both of whom are giant proponents of higher taxes and higher government spending.

The fifth Board of Directors seat will be the special purpose districts nominee, mostly likely Chuck Hoffheinz, an unknown retired oil company executive.

Citizens may eagerly look forward to more of the same from the MCAD Board of Directors: continuing votes to support aggressive property tax reappraisal increases in order to support the spending and taxation growth of the Montgomery County government and other taxing entities in this community.



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