Wally Wilkerson continues to embarrass himself, County GOP, refuses to work with duly elected Republican officers

Wally Wilkerson, 88-year-old Montgomery County GOP Chairman.

Conroe, July 25 – Wally Wilkerson, the 88-year-old Montgomery County GOP Chairman who won’t abide by the new Party Bylaws passed at a meeting over which he presided on June 26, continues to throw his temper tantrum which is primarily making himself look like a childish fool. Fortunately, the other Republican Party officers – Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, Secretary Rachel Bingham, Treasurer John Wertz, and the Steering Committee members – are diligently working to organize the Party’s “Victory 2018” General Election campaign.

Wilkerson, once again, has attempted to create confusion by claiming in an e-blast that the June 26, 2018, County GOP Executive Committee meeting failed to adopt the new Party Bylaws, because they were an amendment to existing bylaws requiring a 2/3rds vote, rather than the simple majority vote that adoption of new bylaws requires under the Republican Party of Texas Rules, the Texas Election Code, and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Wilkerson has closed the Republican Party Headquarters, changed the locks on the doors, hidden the financial books and records of the Republican Party, and refused to meet with any of the Republican Party officers. Former Montgomery County Judge Alan Sadler attempted to set a meeting to mediate the dispute between Wilkerson and with whomever he seems to be feuding (apparently the entire Republican Party), but Wilkerson canceled the meeting after initially saying he would attend.

Wilkerson has long opposed the Republican Party Platform and is ideologically on the left wing of the political spectrum. Wilkerson has supported increased government spending initiatives and higher taxes for decades. He has opposed the longstanding Republican commitment to Pro-Life principles. Wilkerson has fought for universal healthcare and massive government spending to displace private healthcare providers.

Wilkerson has consistently made clear that he despises the “Tea Party” movement in the United States.

The most bizarre aspect of Wilkerson’s antagonism towards the Republican Party of which he, at least in title, remains Chairman is his new disavowal of his own actions. Wilkerson claims now that the purpose of the June 26 meeting was to amend the Party’s bylaws, not to adopt new ones. Wilkerson claims now that the person running the June 26 meeting should have ruled that the vote to adopt the new Party Bylaws failed. Wilkerson claims now that the old bylaws of the Montgomery County Republican Party were the permanent bylaws of that organization.

All of Wilkerson’s latest claims contradict Wilkerson’s own actions:

  • Wilkerson prepared and sent out the agenda for the June 26 meeting. On that agenda he stated that a business item was “Adoption of Bylaws.” Adoption of Bylaws requires a majority vote under the Texas Election Code, the Republican Party of Texas Rules, Wilkerson’s old bylaws, and under Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Wilkerson’s agenda for the meeting clearly described his old bylaws as the “2016-2018 MCRP Bylaws” rather than the “permanent Bylaws” or words to that effect. Wilkerson knew then just as he knows now that every two years the Montgomery County Republican Party had to adopt new bylaws by a majority vote.
  • Wilkerson’s Parliamentarian Jim Wiggins ruled that adoption of the new Bylaws required a majority vote at the June 26 meeting.
  • Wilkerson ruled that adoption of the new Bylaws required a majority vote at the June 26 meeting.


Wilkerson’s June 4, 2018, e-blast of the County Executive Meeting Agenda. Wilkerson later changed the meeting date to June 26 so that he could attempt to round up more votes in favor of his old bylaws.

Wilkerson has lost all credibility. Rather than working with the new leadership of the Republican Party and rather than showing some magnanimity after the grassroots conservatives finally outvoted him to decentralize authority in the County GOP Executive Committee, Wilkerson is revealing himself as the true mean-spirited anti-Platform, pro-Big Government liberal that he is.



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