Walker announces candidacy for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner, which confirms Meador retiring

Walker announces candidacy for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner, which confirms Meador retiring

Image: Businessman Robert Walker (center) attended Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon’s fundraiser on October 11, 2018. In this photograph, Walker stands in the middle with Judge Wayne Mack (left) and some guy dressed like a gangsta.

Willis, January 16 – Long time Willis-area businessman Robert Walker has made official that he is running for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner to succeed Commissioner Mike Meador, who is retiring. Walker and Meador are first cousins, so Walker wouldn’t run for the seat unless his close relative and friend Meador were to retire.

The Republican Primary Election will be on March 3, 2020. Walker held a meeting for his Steering Committee last week at Rancho Grande restaurant.

Walker very cordially spoke with The Golden Hammer yesterday afternoon and confirmed his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for Precinct 1 County Commissioner. “I’m a real honest guy. I’m a handshake kind of businessman,” Walker told this newspaper.

Walker, who is 61 years old, explained that he attended Sam Houston State University and studied law enforcement there but didn’t complete his studies, so that he could enter into the homebuilding business. Walker has been in the homebuilding business for almost four decades and has a stellar reputation both for the quality of the homes he builds as well as for his honesty. He joined his father as a homebuilder in 1976.

Walker and his father purchased and ran a successful grocery store. Walker also owns and manages Walker Feed & Farm in Willis. That business is the easiest place to find the businessman on most work days.

Walker worked as a reserve Deputy Sheriff under Sheriff Joe Corley and as a reserve Deputy Constable under Precinct 1 Constable Don Chumley. He has not kept his certified peace officer license active, because he hasn’t been involved in law enforcement in recent years.

Walker confirmed that he is not a member of the Davenport Ring. “I’m definitely not a Marc Davenport guy,” Walker said.

Walker is married to his high school sweetheart, Janet. They have two children, a son and daughter, both in the thirties.

Walker is an active member of the Willis Lions Club. He has strong connections and done a lot of charitable work for the Danville Project. Meador appointed Walker to the ESD #1 Board of Commissioners and to the Housing Authority of Montgomery County.

Walker’s announcement on social media follows and came a couple of hours after he provided his interview to this newspaper:

“Friends and family, after a lot of prayer and careful consideration, I’ve made the decision to run for Commissioner of Pct 1 in 2020! I appreciate all of the support I’ve received so far, especially from Commissioner Mike Meador. I’ll be getting more information out in the next few weeks, in addition to planning a campaign kick-off for March 21st. I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on the future of Pct 1, as you consider this important race!”

In 2014, Walker ran for Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace for the open seat which Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack eventually won. Walker described himself as follows:

  • “Honest, conservative, and efficient.”
  • “Will listen and be open-minded in all dispute resolutions.”
  • “Always supports family values and will require thoughtful accountability of our youth, as well as their parents.”

During his Justice of the Peace campaign, Walker made the following confessions:

  • “I was in the band in Junior High School and played the drums.”
  • “I was a skinny kid with red hair and in the sixties, we spent two weeks on vacation at Blanco State Park.”
  • “I’ve always loved Double Bubble Gum and Chicklets!”
  • “I grew up in Conroe at Beech & 4-corners near Fort Worth Pipe Company…just a few houses down from Janet [his eventual wife].”
  • “I rode Bus #13 and Mr. Sam, the driver, kept us all in line!”
  • “I played Little League Baseball at 1st Street ballpark and my dad, Billy, was our coach.”
  • “My friends and I used to catch turtles on the playground water grates between Anderson Elementary and Crocket Jr. High.”
  • “My first date with Janet was at the Drive-In Theater on Porter Road where we saw ‘Play Missy for Me’ starring Clint Eastwood.”
  • “Almost every seeking in the summer of 1975, my cousin Bill and I would go skiing on Lake Conroe.”
  • “The best corndog I can remember was at the Dandy Dog at Highway 75 and 105 in town.”
  • “Buttemut Candy Bars and Zero Bars are the very best candy bars ever!”
  • “While my other shopped at Wackers Five and Dime in downtown Conroe, she would give us each a quarter to go watch a movie at the Creighton Theater.”
  • “I was always proud when school started because Mother would buy us a pair of Penny Loafers and a pair of black and white shoes!”
  • “Every Christmas Eve, my parents would take us to look at Christmas lights in Tanglewood and Holly Hills in Conroe.”




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