Update on Surviving Family of Jacob’s Reserve Shooting Incident

Conroe, February 23 – Yesterday morning, the Sheriff’s Department received a 911 dispatch to a home in Jacob’s Reserve off of F.M. 1488 in Conroe. The call came from an 11-year old boy who reported that he was hiding in the home bathroom from his father who had just stabbed his mother. When officers arrived at the home, the boy, covered in blood, ran out to them. The Sheriff’s Deputies went inside the home and confronted the father who was holding a knife and also covered in blood. After the man would not put the knife down and began to approach the officers, they shot him. Both of the adult parents were dead at the scene.

The 11 year old boy is in the custody of immediate family and was interviewed by law enforcement with the assistance of Children’s Safe Harbor.

During the investigation, detectives located an eight page note signed by suspect, in the living room area of the residence. The note was written in cursive writing and detailed what the suspect wanted to happen in the aftermath of the murder. The note was addressed to his children and contained explicit instructions on what to do with the house, vehicles, and other assets. The note also apologized for what happened.

Although the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has identified the family’s name, the names of the parents, and the two deputies involved, The Golden Hammer has chosen not to do so. Sheriff Rand Henderson has placed the two Deputies on paid administrative leave per policy, pending the outcome of the investigation involving a shooting. Appallingly, the Courier blog has published the names of the parents and the family. The Golden Hammer has asked the Courier blog to remove that sensationalism from its report. The Courier blog, which desperately seeks readers, has ignored the requests.

MCSO issued the following statement this morning: “Clearly our thoughts and prayers go out, not only to the families of both the victim and the suspect, but to the Deputies who were forced to use their weapons because of the suspect’s actions.”



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