Unclear whether Doyal running for County Judge of “County Vendor County” or Montgomery County

Elitist County Judge Craig Doyal (left) hob-knobbing with sidekick Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley (right, in black hat), and Tony Gullo.

Conroe, March 1 – County Judge Craig Doyal raised $107,392.13 for his criminal legal defense and campaign contribution fund between January 26, 2018, and February 24, 2018, but it’s unclear whether he’s running for County Judge of Montgomery County or for County Judge of the “County of County Vendor.”

The vast majority of Doyal’s contributions came from outside of Montgomery County. Of the funds he raised during the four week reporting period, $66,250 or a full 61.69% came from outside of Montgomery County. Doyal received numerous contributions even from out-of-state from engineering and special interest political action committees that have sought to do business or sought favors from Montgomery County’s government.

Doyal’s largest political contributors are among the primary benefactors of Montgomery County government contract awards for engineering contracts and construction contracts. Doyal received $5,000 contributions from James Dannenbaum (Houston engineer), Halff Associates PAC (Richardson engineering firm for which Doyal’s best friend and business partner is Bobby Jack Adams who is the project manager for the TX 249 Tollway debacle), Costello Inc. PAC (engineering special interest from Houston), Ranney McDounough (Bellaire), Jill Heise (of Spring), and smattering of special interest contributions from local contributors as well.

The engineering firms strongly support – and prefer – Doyal in the race for Montgomery County Judge. His challenger, State Representative Mark Keough, presents a terrible problem for those engineering firms for two reasons. First, Keough is ethical and has run on a platform of ethics reform that he seeks to bring to the Montgomery County government. Second, Keough is a genuine conservative who is committed to reducing government expenditures and taxes.

Since Doyal’s supporters are the primary recipients of Montgomery County government largesse, they would never consider supporting a genuine reformer such as Keough.

One of Doyal’s largest expenditures which he disclosed on his campaign finance report is a $15,468.75 payment to Wright Williams & Associates of Austin for political consultant and strategy.


Clearly, if elected, Doyal’s main constituents will not be the citizens of Montgomery County (of whom Doyal aggressively limits the participation during Commissioners Court meetings and private meetings as well) but rather the vendors who are paying large sums of money to keep Doyal out of prison and in office, as the incumbent County Judge faces a criminal indictment for “official misconduct” as well as facing the voters in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election.



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