TropiCafe just outside of downtown Conroe provides diners, guests with a “staycation” with the look and feel of the finest of Central American culture, cuisine

It’s all in the presentation, and TropiCafe on First Street near downtown Conroe has the look, feel, and wonderful flavors of Central America.

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer, and Ashley “Ashkey” Burke, Special Reporter to The Golden Hammer

Conroe, March 3 – Would you like to fast forward to summer time?  Go and visit the TropiCafe at 116 South First Street in Conroe and get a head start.  It’s not just lunch; it’s an experience. Experience some delicious Central American dishes and the atmosphere of another country.  Consider it a quick staycation.

The Golden Hammer staff recommends the Pupusas.  They are little corn fritters filled with beans and cheese served alongside some spicy slaw and authentic hot sauces.
An absolute must have is the Chilaquiles.  They are hot sauce dipped chips that have an intense flavor but by some miracle are still crispy.  They are pre-dipped for you.  Remember you are going to Tropic cafe for a vacation.  Even if it’s only for a few hours. The manager, Jocelyn, revels in providing the finest hospitality to her guests.
There are three different outside seating areas, an open air bar, and a sweet treat shop that the kids will enjoy.  You can order cheesecake, half a dozen flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream, smoothies, or snow cones.
The fun doesn’t stop there.  They also offer tropical cocktails and billiards. If you have time, you can even get a haircut.  There is a beauty salon nestled among the amazing and unique eats.
Get your summer started now by visiting the Tropic Cafe. You’ll be glad you took a little time off from your busy day to visit Central American ambience just outside the heart of beautiful downtown Conroe.



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