Transgender adoption resolution illustrates how Montgomery County Judge Doyal, Commissioner Riley turned Commissioners Court into statewide laughingstock

Transgender adoption resolution illustrates how Montgomery County Judge Doyal, Commissioner Riley turned Commissioners Court into statewide laughingstock

Image: Left to right, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley blindly voted in favor of transgender adoptions, Wayne Mack does whatever he wants, County Judge Craig Doyal uses secrecy and deception to trick to the Commissioners Court to pass his vastly liberal policies.

Conroe, February 24 – On November 14, 2017, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley fought hard for the Commissioners Court to pass a resolution that approved adoptions with “no restrictions” including specifically those by transgender parents. Despite the fact that people such as Terri Jaggers, director of Montgomery County Child Protective Services, acknowledge that Montgomery County is a “conservative place,” Doyal and Riley pushed through County government support for transgender adoptions which local clergy have condemned.

On November 21, 2017, the Texas Pastors Council, a leading pro-family organization, issued a letter condemning the Montgomery County Commissioners Court adoption proclamations due to the “anti-family social agenda” language contained in those unanimously-passed documents. The Council called for the Commissioners Court to take swift corrective action to remove the offensive language from the two otherwise pro-adoption resolution. Doyal and Riley refused to take any action, because they staunchly supported transgender adoptions when the issue came before them.

Doyal actually authored and sponsored the transgender adoption resolutions. Riley, who seems to follow Doyal blindly every step of the way, had sixteen opportunities to catch the problem, but looked the other way at every step.

PROBLEM STEPS #1 and #2: When Jaggers submitted the two proclamations, Doyal’s two secretaries, Sylvia Olszowy among them, should have caught the obvious problem that the proposed resolutions contained language that clearly violated the values of this community and also violated several Planks of the Republican Party Platform. Those two failures (one for each proclamation) clearly emanate from Doyal’s own disregard for the Republican Party Platform. In all fairness, Riley didn’t yet know about the Doyal plan to support transgender adoptions.

PROBLEM STEPS #3 and #4: Doyal has a “chief of staff,” jim fredricks, who receives $118,000 per year in annual salary, plus County benefits of approximately $47,554, for total annual compensation of approximately $165,554. For that hefty compensation, fredricks ought to have reviewed the two proclamations. fredricks’ wife is a former Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas and serves on the State Republican Executive Committee. Therefore, both fredricks and his wife, who claim they are Republicans, should have a thorough knowledge of the Republican Party Platform. fredricks is rarely in the office, however, due to his heavy napping schedule and outside employment. Without question, fredricks should have reviewed the proposed resolutions and caught the language offensive to Republican principles before the Commissioners Court Agenda became official.

PROBLEM STEPS #5 and #6: Doyal happens to be the County Judge. He’s attempted to do that job now for almost four years, despite his extensive golf obligations which keep him away most of the work week. Doyal takes “credit” for the Commissioners Court Agenda and specifically sponsored the two resolutions on the agenda. Doyal should also have read the resolutions and caught the problem. It would have been quite easy to remove a few words from the one recital so that it merely read, “WHEREAS, there are no restrictions on who can adopt based on race, ethnicity, religion, or marital status; and”.

PROBLEM STEPS #7 and #8: After Olszowy posted the Agenda and put it online, Riley should have read the proposed proclamations prior to the November 14 Commissioners Court meeting. Olszowy posted the Agenda one day early, on November 9, 2017. Therefore, Riley had five full days, including a weekend, to read the items on the agenda, including the backup material, which Olszowy had provided in an easy-to-use link. The problem is, however, that Riley rarely prepares for the Commissioners Court meetings and almost always shows up without knowledge of the matters the Commissioners Court will discuss.

PROBLEM STEPS #9 and #10: When the Commissioners Court reached the Agenda items during the meeting at approximately 9:43 a.m., Tuesday, November 14, 2017, a young lawyer Stephen Bane (sp. ?) actually read the two proposed proclamations out loud. During the reading of the first proclamation – for Montgomery County Adoption Day – the Publisher of The Golden Hammer most certainly noticed the bizarre language supporting transgender adoptions and also noticed that the five members of the Commissioners Court appeared semi-comatose during the meeting. When Bane read the almost identical wording in the second proclamation – for Montgomery County Adoption Month – the Publisher of The Golden Hammer has to admit he almost fell out of his seat. Of course, Doyal does not permit citizen input during the Commissioners Court, because he seems to fear public discussion. Therefore, Riley received no help. Not only does Riley not prepare for Commissioners Court meetings but usually he doesn’t listen to the events at the meetings. Remember, Riley is one of the criminal co-defendants who has been indicted for alleged violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act. Riley seems to operate better in secret outside of public view. Of course, there were also about three dozen County employees sitting in the room during the reading of the two proclamations, including Wayne Mack’s Court Coordinator. It’s not particularly surprising, however, that Wayne Mack’s representative would support transgender adoptions in defiance of Biblical principles and of the Republican Party Platform.

PROBLEM STEPS #11, #12, #13 and #14: Immediately after the reading of the two proclamations, there was a motion and a second to adopt the two resolutions. Once again, Riley failed even to notice what was happening in the room. Doyal asked if there was any discussion, a process which would have required Riley to awaken. There was none. Instead, a quick vote led to unanimous adoption of the first of the two Proclamations. Riley, of course, voted for transgender adoptions.  Then there was another motion to pass the second Proclamation also with the transgender wording in it. Once again, Riley had numerous opportunities to ask what was happening, but he remained silent.

PROBLEM STEPS #15 and #16: Incredibly, there was one more step for each Proclamation where the entire Commissioners Court obviously could have stopped the approval process for two Proclamations that contained language abhorrent to the values of the Montgomery County community. Riley and Doyal signed each of the two Proclamations obviously in a process which did not include reading what they were signing!

Doyal hides all sorts of secret agenda items on the “consent” agenda for Commissioners Court meetings. Most County business occurs in that secret fashion. Since Riley doesn’t pay attention to anything which happens in the Commissioners Court meetings, it’s no surprise that Doyal and Riley successfully passed a proclamation which included support for transgender adoptions.

With Doyal hiding business and Riley sleeping through his job as a Commissioner, it’s no wonder Montgomery County is the statewide laughingstock that it’s become. They conduct other business the same way for other matters, whether it concerns creating a job for Riley’s wife, trying to promote Doyal’s daughter to a higher paying County job, approving multimillion County contracts with Doyal’s business partner and best friend, giving themselves hefty pay raises, or passing bloated budgets padded with secret slush fund accounts.




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