Toth’s good idea for a meeting to end Wilkerson’s polarization of the GOP ends up in a bizarre plan for a back-room, closed-door meeting

Toth’s good idea for a meeting to end Wilkerson’s polarization of the GOP ends up in a bizarre plan for a back-room, closed-door meeting

Image: Former Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler, who served for 24 years until 2015, and his wife who is also a great community leader, Mimi Berkeley Sadler.

Conroe, July 19 – Two days ago, former State Representative Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands), who is running as the Republican Nominee for the District 15 House seat in which he previously served, sent an email to former County Judge Alan B. Sadler, State Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), and Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon in which Toth suggested that the three email recipients meet with rogue Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson to see if they could convince Wilkerson to stop taking actions to polarize the GOP. On June 26, 2018, the County GOP Executive Committee (CEC) passed new Bylaws, as part of its biennial organizational meeting, which decentralized authority within the Party and provided more transparency and openness so that voters would know who runs the Republican Party and how they run it.

Wilkerson, who presided over the June 26 meeting was furious with newly-elected GOP Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, Secretary Rachel Bingham, and Treasurer John Wertz, as well as the members of the new Steering Committee elected to run the daily operations of the Party. Wilkerson’s anger has risen since June 26.

On Friday, July 13, Wilkerson attempted to declare the Party Bylaws invalid, because the CEC adopted them with a majority vote. Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey issued a written ruling the following morning, July 14, that the adoption of the new Bylaws only required a majority vote rather than the 2/3rds vote Wilkerson is now claiming.

Losing those two battles, Wilkerson attempted to declare that the CEC didn’t need to adopt new Bylaws at the June 26 organizational meeting, so the new Bylaws were an amendment to the old Bylaws requiring a 2/3rds vote. That specious argument also fell when it became clear that even Wilkerson’s old Bylaws, as well as state election law and the Republican Party Rules, required adoption of new Bylaws every two years, on a majority vote.

Wilkerson has shut down the GOP Headquarters and changed the locks so no one may enter and work on Republican Party activities. Wilkerson has hidden the financial books of the Party and refused to turn them over to the new Treasurer, Wertz. Wilkerson has refused to meet with the Steering Committee or with his new officers.

Wilkerson has become the 88-year-old equivalent of an angry toddler who runs into his bedroom and slams the door shut when his mother won’t give him a piece of candy.

The problem with Toth’s excellent proposal arose, however, when Wilkerson made clear to Sadler that he wouldn’t participate in a meeting. Wilkerson instead wanted a showdown with Reed. Sadler succumbed to Wilkerson’s intransigence and agreed to set up a different meeting that would be that showdown where Sadler has invited a strange group of individuals:

  • Wilkerson;
  • Wilkerson ally Scott Baker, a CEC Precinct Chair who continuously interrupted grassroots conservative speakers during the June 26 meeting and repeatedly violated parliamentary procedure (which Wilkerson allowed him to do);
  • a lady who is a strong Wilkerson ally and Charlie Riley ally who went to the grassroots conservative Precinct Chairs on June 26 and called the entire group of them “pieces of s–t”;
  • Creighton;
  • Ligon;
  • 284th District Court Republican Nominee Kristin Bays;
  • Vice Chairman Reagan Reed;
  • Steering Committee member Jon Bouche; and
  • Steering Committee member Adrian Kaiser.

It’s a bizarre concept for a meeting. After Republican voters and the Republican Precinct Chairs whom they elected took a strong stance in favor of openness and transparency and in favor of decentralizing authority in the Party, Wilkerson and Sadler want to resolve what Wilkerson perceives as a dispute through a back-room, behind-closed doors deal.

Hopefully, Reed, Bouche, Kaiser, Toth, Creighton, and Ligon won’t put up with such a concept for a meeting. Bays has already indicated she won’t attend.

What is the real solution for healing in the Republican Party?

The answer is obvious and it’s the same one that good parents utilize when the angry toddler runs into his bedroom and slams the door shut. Good parents ignore the childish behavior and go about their business, because, with time, the toddler’s fit wears off.

Rather than participating in a secret meeting, Reed, Bouche, Kaiser, Toth, Creighton, and Ligon should go about their business. Reed, as Vice Chairman, is working hard to organize a Victory 2018 General Election Campaign for the Montgomery County Republican Party. The Montgomery County Republican Party hasn’t had a General Election campaign in a quarter of a century. It’s time they go about their business, get it organized, and get it up and running.

There’s no reason to have a secret meeting with the toddler behind-closed-doors when openness and transparency are what the people want.

Eventually, the 88-year-old toddler will come out of his bedroom.

As Dr. James Dobson wrote in “Dare to Discipline,” the best way to deal with an angry toddler is to ignore him and let his anger wear off.




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