Toth, Parker tell Tea Party voters they’re ready to engage for reform at State, County levels

Greg Parker, of Conroe, who is a former two-term Comal County Commissioner, is running for Montgomery County’s Precinct 2 County Commissioner in the March 6, 2017, Republican Primary Election.

Conroe, August 1 – Former State Representative Steve Toth, who is running for the State Representative District 15 seat current State Representative Mark Keough is leaving to run for Montgomery County Judge, and former Comal County Commissioner Gregory Parker, who is running for Montgomery County Precinct 2 Commissioner, and is a resident of Conroe, told the Montgomery County Tea Party on July 24, 2017, that they are ready to engage with the citizens and with public officials to bring reform to the State of Texas and to Montgomery County, respectively.

Gregory Parker, candidate for Precinct 2 County Commissioner

Parker, who lived in Comal County (New Braunfels) until 2012, served as a County Commissioner there for eight years but didn’t run for re-election when he chose, unsuccessfully, to run for the Texas Railroad Commission instead. Parker and his wife Tasha live in Conroe where he works as an information technology consultant and recently published his second book, a group of conservative essays entitled “Conservative Essays for the Modern Era.”

Parker explained to the packed Tea Party crowd that “I cut taxes successfully in Comal County, where the tax rate was lower than when I started as a County Commissioner.” Parker told the group, “I’m ready to engage the government in this County to bring reform.”

Since roads and mobility issues have become so important in recent years, particularly with County Judge Craig Doyal’s and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s wasteful decision to spend more than $13.4 million on engineer and contractor friends of theirs to construct a $73 million 3.6-mile tollroad extension of Tx-249, Parker explained his views on road expansion. “I have always fought against tollroads,” Parker said. “No more tollroads should be our policy in this county. I have a proven track record of fighting against them.”

Parker also said that he believes that the fact that he’s new to Montgomery County’s political scene is a plus. “I’ve witnesses all of the infighting inside the County government. Being an outsider is a good thing,” he averred.

Besides the embattled incumbent Riley, Conroe businessman Brian Dawson is also running for the Precinct 2 Commissioner position.

Steve Toth, candidate for State Representative, District 15

Former State Representative Steve Toth announced he is running for State Representative District 15 to replace Mark Keough who has announced he is running for Montgomery County Judge.

When Toth spoke to the Tea Party meeting last Monday, he had just returned from brave ideological battle with Quannell X, the leader of the New Black Panthers in Houston and a former member of the Nation of Islam. Toth explained that “we’ve got to engage liberals to win more people to conservatism and limited government.” Toth’s debate on Fox 26 with Quannell X was certainly lively, as both Toth and the New Black Panther leader are highly intelligent advocates for their viewpoints.

Toth spent most of his talk explaining to the Tea Party activists why liberal Republican Joe Straus remains the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Toth noted that Straus has allied with moderate Republicans and democrats to hold a majority in the Republican-majority House. Toth told the crowd that former Woodlands State Representative Rob Eissler was a consistent Straus supporter, while Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ran against Straus for Speaker when Paxton served with Toth in the State House.

One of the methods that Republicans-in-name-only politicians have fooled the Republican electorate is adopting names that sound like one political movement but actually oppose that very position. Toth noted the example of the “Texas Alliance for Life” which is a “faux life” group that advocates abortion rights. Toth said that he intends to join the House Freedom Caucus, a strong conservative group of State Representatives who consistently support conservative positions on legislation and work closely together to advance their positions.

Toth also delivered the depressing factual news that Montgomery County is the 10th highest county in Texas for property taxes and one of the highest-taxed counties in the entire United States. He assured the Montgomery County Tea Party crowd that he would not rest until he passed significant property tax reform at the state level.

Melisa Miller, candidate for Montgomery County District Clerk

Melisa Miller, who is running for Montgomery County District Clerk against incumbent Barbara Adamick, told the Tea Party that the group that she has 19 years of experience in the District Clerk’s Office and looks forward to bringing serious reform to make the office more user-friendly.



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