These six individuals were the giants of the 2018 Election in Montgomery County

These six individuals were the giants of the 2018 Election in Montgomery County

Image: Dr. Julie Turner (left), President of the Texas Patriots PAC, and Steve Toth, State Representative-Elect, District 15, are two among the six individuals who were giants in the 2018 Election in Montgomery County, Texas.

Conroe, November 12 – Hundreds of citizen-activists made a gigantic difference in the 2018 Elections in Montgomery County, Texas. Just look at the amazing Suzanne Rogers, a private citizen, who block-walked thousands of homes in the Primary, Runoff, and General Elections, made thousands of telephone calls, and helped dozens of candidates win election as Republicans or in nonpartisan races. It would be impossible to list and explain all of those wonderful individuals.

There were six (6) individuals, however, who truly stood out during the March 6 Republican Primary Election, May 22 Republican Runoff Election, and November 6 General Election. They showed great leadership, inspired others, and made these Elections a lot of fun.

The Golden Hammer presents these “Giants of the 2018 Election” in alphabetical order.

Bill Brenza, “Dr. Technology”

That’s not James Bond. That’s Bill Brenza, the brilliant Director and Producer of “It’s Hammer Time” and the President of the Montgomery County Politics Network at MCP.TV on Facebook and YouTube.

Working quietly mostly in the background behind cameras and computers, Bill Brenza of The Woodlands has helped countless others bring their voices and faces to the screens of Montgomery County citizens. It’s hard to find a major political event where Brenza or one of his colleagues at MCP.TV aren’t there filming to make it a live presentation.

Since August, Brenza has been the Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party Technology Committee. Since what feels like the beginning of (political) time, Brenza has been the technology guru for the Texas Patriots PAC, one of the largest and most successful Tea Party organizations in the United States.

Brenza is everywhere. He’s always got a quiet, yet positive, outlook. He seems as though he’s always having fun. He’s creative and talented. Not only is an expert with technology but also he’s a highly accomplished artist. Brenza’s paintings have a use of color that serious French Impressionists would admire.

Brenza is too modest to be the voice of conservatives. Rather, he is the channel so that others can be the voice.

Kelli Cook, Organizational Genius and Policy Wonk

Rancher and political activist Kelli Cook.

Kelli Cook, Willis rancher, wife, and mom, has become an enormous earthquake of conservative political activism over the past few years in Montgomery County. She deserves the credit for getting the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to pass the 20% homestead exemption. She and her pal Ginger Russell, the “Quiet Lady From Magnolia,” almost by themselves defeated the Magnolia Independent School District tax hike by block-walking and running a social media campaign.

Cook worked on numerous conservative campaigns during the Primary Election. She never asked for any sort of title or recognition. Cook isn’t even a Republican Precinct Chair, but it often has the look and feel that she is running almost every political campaign she touches.

During the November General Election, Cook served as the Treasurer of the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee and its PAC. In that role, Cook organized block-walking volunteers, helped set up a telephone bank, created and managed the Committee’s sign campaign (with the popular Eagle signs which have became a symbol of the Republican Party during the November 6 Election), organized social events for the GOP, and helped to manage the Party’s campaign mailers, the first in the history of the Montgomery County Republican Party. Cook managed the money, filed the reports, and made certain the volunteers received the thanks and appreciation they deserved. Does it sound like Cook acted as the Montgomery County Republican Party Chair? Hmmm…

In reality, Cook has received little thanks for all of her work, because she doesn’t seem to care for the thanks. Rather, her focus is on changing policy and getting people into elected positions that will do just that.

Reagan Reed: Chairman…errr, I mean…Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party

Two fierce conservative Republican warriors: State Representative and Montgomery County Judge-Elect Mark Keough (left), and GOP Vice Chairman and Precinct 50 Chairman Reagan Reed (right).

The credit for the enormous success the Montgomery County Republican Party (“MCRP”) enjoyed in the November 6 General Election should primarily go to its leader, Vice Chairman Reagan Reed. (The elected Party Chairman sulked in his office during most of the election.) Reed just turned 22 years old, but has the maturity of a veteran politician and the insight into Texas politics of people who have spent their whole lives trying to figure it out.

As MCRP Vice Chairman, Reed led Steering Committee meetings and has led most of the County Executive Committee meetings, since the elected Party Chairman usually doesn’t show up or disappears when he briefly does. Reed has led the fight to disperse authority within the Republican Party to the grassroots. His success in that regard resulted in a gigantic army of volunteers participating in the Victory 2018 General Election campaign.

When issues arise, Reed doesn’t dictate or make rash decisions (as does Wilkerson). Rather, Reed shows enormous maturity and leads with a quiet guidance for others.

Reed has served as a master strategist for the Republican Party and its campaigns. He’s volunteered on just about every conservative reform campaign in Montgomery County during 2018. Reed is also an inspiring public speaker.

Simon Sequeira: quiet influencer

Quadvest President Simon Sequeira.

Simon Sequeira, the property rights advocate who is President of Quadvest utility company, has emerged as a major force during the 2018 Elections. While he’s mostly identified with the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) nonpartisan election, there’s an important manner in which Sequeira has profoundly helped the Montgomery County Republican Party.

Sequeira has become a leading political campaign fundraiser not only for his causes but for conservative candidates and conservative movements. Sequeira contributed to reform efforts during the March 6 Republican Primary Election. He also helped to bankroll the Montgomery County Republican Party’s Victory 2018 campaign.

Sequeira began a public speaking campaign in early 2018 to explain the dynamics and technicalities of water over-regulation foisted on Montgomery County citizens by the LSGCD and its cohort, the San Jacinto River Authority. Sequeira isn’t a fiery speaker but he’s not a boring speaker either. In fact, his enthusiasm for the water issue resulted in thousands of citizens becoming knowledgeable about the issue and showing up to elect a pro-citizen LSGCD Board on November 6.

Sequeira has a modesty and lack of brashness that are rare among people with his influence. He’s got a brilliant mind, a pleasant personality, and a willingness to back up his beliefs with hard work and dedication.

Steve Toth: mentor

Steve Toth, State Representative-Elect, former State Representative, Fox 26 commentator, political leader and activist, and candidate for State Representative. He’s also one heckuva decent person.

Yes, Steve Toth did just win election to the Texas House of Representatives from District 15 (The Woodlands). But that’s not really the story here.

Toth has served as a mentor to thousands of other people who have sought to be effective as citizen-activists. The guy is everywhere.

Even though he’s an elected servant and run some very successful campaigns, Toth is actually a very quiet and low-key man with fiercely conservative beliefs. When private citizens want to get involved in local campaigns, they often go to Toth for advice, because he’s so open to helping people. (In fact, most of Toth’s community and charitable service and most of his time have little to do with politics and a lot more to do with just helping people.)

Toth worked very hard for Mark Keough’s campaign for Montgomery County Judge and Melanie Pryor Bush’s campaign for Montgomery County Treasurer, among other local races. Toth ran Ted Cruz’s Montgomery County phone bank operation and worked closely with the United Senator’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz.

Toth is very much the “King of the Parking Lot” during Early Voting at the South Montgomery County Community Center, the largest Early Voting Box in Texas. Toth was always there during the March Republican Primary Election, May Republican Runoff Election, and November General Election in 2018.

People adore Steve Toth. Interestingly, even his General Election opponent, Lorena McGill, seemed to come to like Toth by the end of the campaign. His quiet nature sometimes appears to be a lack of friendliness until you approach Toth and get him to open his mouth to talk. Then one of the most genuinely kindhearted individuals you’ve ever met comes to the fore.

Steve Toth is an enormous community resource. He also now happens to be one of your local State Representatives.

Dr. Julie Turner: national, state, local and neighborhood Tea Party leader

Dr. Julie Turner runs one of the most successful Tea Party organizations in the United States, the Texas Patriots PAC. Turner and the Patriots PAC sent voter guides in the March Republican Primary Election, the May Republican Runoff Election, and the November General Election to likely voters in Montgomery County, Harris County, and elsewhere.

Turner and “the PAC” were instrumental in aiding Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw to win the Republican nomination for the 2nd Congressional District. Crenshaw is now both a Congressman-Elect and a nationally-recognized figure in the media (due to his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live.)

Turner, along with Vice President Jon Bauman and Treasurer Bill “The Sage” O’Sullivan, has built a large organization that issues the premiere voter guide which Montgomery County voters regularly look to follow in every election.

Turner was particularly influential in the nonpartisan elections during the November General Election for the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (where she and the PAC endorsed the Restore Affordable Water slate of candidates), the Conroe ISD, Lone Star College, and the Woodlands Township Board of Directors.

The Montgomery County Republican Party, under its Bylaws, cannot endorse candidates in most nonpartisan races, even where there is a clear conservative on the ballot. In Montgomery County, in particular, Turner and her organization made a giant difference in those nonpartisan races where they identified the most conservative candidates who had a realistic chance of winning election.

Dr. Turner is one of the hardest working people in conservative politics. Not only did she manage conservative fundraising, run a large organization, and design the Texas Patriots PAC’s Voter Guide, but also she worked the polls herself every single day. Turner led the Patriots PAC team at the Mitchell Library in the back of The Woodlands while managing the enormous campaign for conservatives far and wide.




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