The Sage criticizes Montgomery County Commissioners Court for poor planning, poor budget control

The Sage, Bill O’Sullivan, criticized the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on July 10, 2018, for lack of planning and poor budget controls.

Conroe, July 15 – Bill O’Sullivan, the “Sage,” criticized the Montgomery County Commissioners Court at the Tuesday, July 10, 2018, meeting for their lack of planning and poor budget controls. As usual, the Commissioners Court members, lame duck but elitist County Judge Craig Doyal and ever-confused Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley tried to appear to ignore O’Sullivan, while Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador tried to be polite by appearing to listen to O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan’s remarks in their entirety follow.

“Bill O’Sullivan, Precinct 3, The Woodlands, Texas.

“I was going to speak to you about the budget being introduced and the now deferred Citizens Budget.

“I make some recommendations. The first thing you’ve got to do is plan. I’ve talked to you numerous times about the advantage that Precinct 3 had in the road bond in getting starting and moving things along, because they had a south county Mobility Plan.

“We’re looking at these pass through tolls. We understand we have to do it through the TIP [Transportation Improvement Program] system. But we don’t have anything firm in place to do that.

“So at the end of the day, if we have to front the $54 million [which the Montgomery County Commissioners Court did for pass-through toll program expenditures], and we’re giving the state the benefit of that, then that’s the same as the $54 million having them not give it to us. So it’s planning that’s important there.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: O’Sullivan is spot on with this comment. It makes no sense for Montgomery County citizens to front those monies, if we have to come back later to beg for them to get the return. That a loan borrower, the state, telling the lender, we the citizens, how they’ll choose to repay the loan, if at all.

“The road and bridge fund over 20 years and the money is there when you need it to resurface the roads. That’s something that shouldn’t go into bonds. Use the bonds only for mobility. We’re going to need it. Let’s plan it. That’s the place it belongs. Nothing else should go in those bonds.

“Next important thing on your priority list is public safety. Public safety is your primary responsibility. I’ve seen where the Sheriff’s Department wants things and you should work really hard to get them those.

“In the Budget and Auditor’s situation, it doesn’t make sense that you have people doing work in the Auditor’s Office, then that work gets transferred to a $300,000 budget office, and for some reason the funds don’t move.”

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The entire Budget Office was nothing more than a scam to create a new bureaucracy to spend more tax dollars. Rather than reducing the Auditor’s Budget, as both Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack and County Judge Craig Doyal assured the citizens they would on September 5, 2017, it’s now become pretty clear that the Budget Office is just additional funds and resources under the County Auditor’s Office, because the Budget Officer works at the direction of the County AuditorThe citizens gained nothing except an additional expenditure of $300,000 to support County Auditor Phyllis Martin’s lust for power in the County government.



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