The Sage, Bill O’Sullivan, speaks out against CISD’s $807 million bond proposal in Guest Editorial

Bill “The Sage” O’Sullivan (center) with his amazing wife Lynn O’Sullivan (left) and conservative warrior State Representative Steve Toth (right).

Publisher’s Note: Many of us miss The Sage, Bill O’Sullivan, while he’s dealing with some health issues. Like any good Marine, which O’Sullivan most certainly is, he’s fighting hard to gain ground and ascend to the top of the hill of good health as quickly as he can. Meanwhile, The Golden Hammer truly feels honored that O’Sullivan used some of his available energy to provide a recorded version of this Guest Editorial, which our editorial staff transcribed for this piece.

Bill O’Sullivan, Guest Editorialist

I’m a strong believer in limitations of the things you can put in a bond. The Conroe ISD Board of Trustees seems to think they carte blanche in how to spend our money. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just as new roads need to be financed by a road bond, new schools need to be constructed by a school bond.

The problem with all of this is we’re losing touch with that concept. As a result this bond is looking to expand our debt by some eighty five percent. That is unconscionable.

I propose that the only projects which should be entertained are new school construction or the expansion of a current facility by at least twenty percent in order to be subject to the bond. All of this other stuff which is in the bond is superfluous and should come out of just regular operation. You don’t bond for your maintenance and operations so a lot of this is merely that and does not warrant a bond.

The Texas Patriots PAC, of which I’m Treasurer, have yet to meet with CISD Superintendent Dr. Null, but I can assure you, based on the current structure of the bond, he is not going to have a friendly ear in me.

The single biggest item which approaches the ridiculous is the conversion of grass fields into turf fields. Unless an independently reviewed cost benefit analysis is released on how this is an advantage to grass this should not even appear here. And even if there is an advantage the cost should be borne by booster clubs.

I look forward to seeing CISD Trustee Dale Inman’s proposal, which seems to be for three hundred million dollars. Now why you can have a half billion dollar difference is beyond me, but Dale has an opinion and we’ll see what he has to say.

It’s shocking that the Superintendent didn’t even get the input from a Board member on where he thought the bond should be. It reminds us that administrators have a mind of their own, and budgets grow on their own, absent some sort of influence being exacted upon them from other forces.

Right now, I intend to be part of the other forces.

I hope you’ll join me in defeating this bond and make them go back and propose to us a better bond.

Bill O’Sullivan, known as “The Sage” for the wisdom he shares with his community, is a retired insurance executive who ran an unsuccessful yet fierce campaign for the United States Congress in New Jersey and eventually moved to the Lone Star State. O’Sullivan is the Treasurer of the Texas Patriots PAC, the largest Tea Party organization in Texas, and is a United States Marine.



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