The Political Firing of Montgomery Police Chief Napolitano, Part 1 of 3: Who is Jim Napolitano?

Politically fired City of Montgomery Police Chief Jim Napolitano (left) with his former boss, the late President George Bush (right), on May 12, 2010. As a United States Secret Service Agent, Napolitano worked as part of the private Bush family detail while President Bush was in office from 1989 to 1992.

Montgomery, January 5 – City of Montgomery Mayor Sara Countryman, Councilwoman Rebecca Huss, and City Administrator Jack Yates have successfully forced extraordinarily popular and successful Police Chief Jim Napolitano out of his job, after five years of outstanding service to the City, even though a majority of the City Council backed the retention of Napolitano in the position during the secret deliberations at the end of the September 25, 2018, City Council meeting. Countryman, Huss, and Yates made it clear to Napolitano that they would register complaints against him constantly until he agreed to leave the City as Police Chief, as four high-level and mid-level city employees and one member of the City Council confirmed.

Countryman, Huss, and Yates made it clear to Napolitano that they would file internal affairs complaints against him constantly until Napolitano relented and left his position. Despite Napolitano’s excellent service, it became apparent to Napolitano that he couldn’t withstand the political pressure from the harshly left-leaning Countryman, Huss, and Yates, so, instead, he negotiated a severance agreement.

Under Napolitano’s severance agreement, the Chief went on administrative but paid leave through February 1, 2019, at which time he would lose the Police Chief position permanently. During that time period, Countryman’s and Huss’ political ally, Police Lieutenant Jose Belmares, is the Acting Chief.

The City of Montgomery began to suffer problems with the Police Department soon after Napolitano left. Belmares has been unable to provide the leadership and administration necessary to run a police force. Instead of taking responsibility, however, Belmares, Countryman, and Huss have begun to try to blame Napolitano for problems that developed in the Police Department after Napolitano left. Their public blame, however, violates the non-disparagement agreement in Napolitano’s several agreement, so, now, after a December 11, 2018, City Council meeting, Napolitano’s attorney has sent a demand letter threatening to sue the City of Montgomery for breach of the agreement.

Countryman, Huss, Yates, and Belmares took one of the most successful and efficient police departments in Montgomery County, and, by making it a political football, have created a disaster for the citizens of the City of Montgomery. Not only have they lost one of the most popular law enforcement officers in all of Montgomery County but also they’ve taken a very successful police department and moved it towards mediocrity.

They’ve created a mess and made Napolitano a popular victim of their hyper-political actions. This article and two others in a series will look at the politics and personalities behind the nosedive into which Mayor Sara Countryman, City Councilwoman Rebecca Huss, City Administrator Jack Yates, and Police Lieutenant Joe Belmares the Montgomery Police Department.

Despite actions to hide public information from The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, and from others, this newspaper has obtained a secret cache of documents which reveal what really happened to Chief Napolitano and the citizens of the City of Montgomery, who are victims of Countryman’s gamesmanship along with him.

Mayor Countryman, let us introduce you to the Chief: who is Jim Napolitano?

One of the current Police Officers in the City of Montgomery contacted this newspaper and spoke on the condition of anonymity about the liberal anti-law enforcement Mayor Countryman’s efforts to get rid of Chief Napolitano. In a piece he wrote for this newspaper, the Officer mentioned:

“[Countryman] entered the office of Montgomery Mayor with a chip on her shoulder towards Napolitano even being quoted ‘Just because he was secret service does not qualify him to be a chief.’ ‘He could have been an accountant for them, how does that qualify him to be chief.’”

Obviously, Countryman, who won election as Mayor of the City of Montgomery with 125 votes (that’s not a typographical error), in May, 2018, didn’t do any research about the background of Chief Napolitano before she decided to question his qualifications and integrity.

Montgomery Mayor Sara Countryman.

There are some facts which Countryman should have known about Chief Napolitano, who became the Chief five years ago, and his past.

In 2016, Napolitano ran for Sheriff of Montgomery County in the Republican Primary Election against then-Sheriff’s Captain Rand Henderson, who won the election. Both Napolitano and Henderson were highly qualified candidates. The citizens of Montgomery County clearly had two wonderful choices from whom to choose as their next Sheriff.

After a lengthy vetting, interview, and investigation process, under the leadership of Dr. Julie Turner (President), Jon Bauman (Vice President), and Bill “The Sage” O’Sullivan (Treasurer), the Texas Patriots PAC endorsed Napolitano over Henderson. In actuality, the organization made it clear that its members liked and respected both Napolitano and Henderson. The Patriots PAC provided an excellent biography of Napolitano at the time (2016):

“Jim Napolitano is the current Chief of Police for the City of Montgomery. He also runs Universal Safety and Security Solutions Inc., a security firm serving everything from oil and gas companies to government and churches. Prior to this, Mr. Napolitano spent 23 years in the United States Secret Service, serving both Bush Presidents as well as President Clinton. Under George W. Bush, Mr. Napolitano was the Resident Agent in Charge of the Waco office, which included leading the security detail at the president’s Crawford ranch, otherwise known as the ‘Western White House.’ In this position, he was responsible for leading hundreds of other agents and arranging staff, military assets, and other governmental entities. The other accomplishments on his extensive resume include:

  • He was the Global Security Manager for Marathon Oil, where he traveled all over the Middle East protecting the company and their assets.
  • He was selected to work on a task force headed up by the CIA alongside the DEA investigating counterfeit notes in the Middle East. His work helped to take down the counterfeit operations of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaida.
  • He was the 160th agent to ever become a member of the Counter Assault Team under the Presidential Protection Division of the Secret Service, which included training with the Tier 1 Special Operations Forces.
  • He was assigned as the Rescue Swimmer for the First Families of Presidents George H.W. Bush and Clinton.
  • At the U.S. Secret Service Training Academy he taught Control Tactics and Rescue Swimming, was the program manager in Water Safety and Emergency Medicine, and directed courses for Special Agents.
  • As part of the Houston Field Office for the Secret Service, he led many notable cases, including the arrest and conviction of the Aryan Brotherhood leader, “Sandman,” a criminal involved in counterfeit, drugs, and child pornography.
  • As part of the Secret Service he would work as many as 25 cases at a time and maintained a 100% conviction rate.
  • Prior to the Secret Service, he served in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office where he worked as a full time reserve officer (40 hours per week) for free before being hired as a full-time paid deputy. After becoming a patrol deputy, he also worked in the Detective Division, and was promoted to Sergeant.
  • Prior to his career in law enforcement, he was a Mechanical Engineer in the oil and gas industry.

“…Mr. Napolitano is known for his hands-on management style. He is the type of leader that works for his deputies, not over them; he’ll be out on the front lines, too, alongside his men. As Chief of Police, he has managed his department by challenging and giving ownership to the officers that report to him. This has improved the department in morale, productivity, and community outreach. He has put in place a policy that requires his officers to make 10 friendly contacts per day with citizens, believing that officers should be retrained to interact with the public differently so as to break down barriers between law enforcement and the public…He claims his biggest strength is being able to identify strengths in others so he can gather, promote, and lead.

“Mr. Napolitano obviously has a passion for law enforcement which has led him to succeed in so many areas. His 30 years of experience working in many capacities with many different agencies gives him a broad perspective of which law enforcement methods, management styles, and philosophies are useful. His especially unique outlook with regards to terrorism and active shooter situations can help the department prepare for these threats. We believe that Mr. Napolitano will bring the type of leadership to the office that no one else can – leadership that improves morale, prepares the department for the unthinkable, and creates a better relationship with the citizens of the county.

“Mr. Napolitano is endorsed by the Texas Fraternal Order of Police, UDT/Gulf Coast SEAL Team Association, Former Commander of Delta Force Col. Bernard McCabe, and Chuck Norris.”

Obviously, the Police Chief whom Countryman forced out for political reasons was more than an “accountant” for the United States Secret Service.

Napolitano did not return telephone calls requesting comment for this article.





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