The Great Portrait Debate was not in the least bit funny, because it displayed arrogance times three with one dose of humility

Sample portraits.

Conroe, March 14 – The debate amongst the Montgomery County Commissioners Court members over whether they should spend tax dollars out of “contingency funds” to take, frame, and hang a portrait of themselves was not in the least bit funny at the Montgomery County Commissioners Court meeting on Tuesday, March 14. The County Judge and three Commissioners voted to honor themselves in this manner, although Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Clark showed a dose of humility and care for the sanctity of tax dollars.

County Judge Craig Doyal placed the following haughty and arrogant item on the meeting agenda: “Consider and approve a portrait of Commissioners Court members to be taken in 2017 and every four years thereafter. A picture of the Court is to be placed in Commissioners Courtroom continuing the gallery For Future Generations. The funding for the portrait and framing will come from the contingency fund.”

Prior to the consideration of Doyal’s agenda item to spend tax dollars to take a photograph of himself “For Future Generations,” a citizen arose during the Citizen Comment portion of the agenda, pulled out a Polaroid camera, announced “I am saving County tax dollars…For Future Generations,” snapped the instant Polaroid photograph, handed it along with a matching frame to the County Clerk, and sat down.

During the Great Portrait Debate, Judge Doyal, while carefully combing his hair to make sure every strand sat in its proper locale, explained that he wished to continue the portrait gallery, so that “Future Generations” would be able to remember the Commissioners Court under his, Commissioner Meador’s, Commissioner Riley’s, and those other two guys’ leadership.  Commissioner Mike Meador perked up and vocally and aggressively urged this proposal, which is obviously quite important to him. Commissioner Jim Clark made a statement that “our halls are filled with pictures. There’s a lot of folks who have strong feelings about this issue. I’ll pay for my 1/5 portion of the cost of the picture.”

Commissioner Jim Clark showed some sensitivity to the gravity of the arrogance of his colleagues and the bad feelings they’ve so engendered.

The Commissioners Court voted unanimously for the portrait, the framing, and hanging the portrait “For Future Generations.”

With the named County Commissioners Court members sitting on the Commissioners Court at the time, our County government has expended funds to name the Mike Meador Parkway and the Ed Chance Courthouse Annex.

The Conroe Airport became the pretentious Lone Star Executive Airport. Then with visions of grandeur, it became the Conroe North Houston Regional Airport (politely skipping over The Woodlands which refused to provide funds for the waste). May we look forward to the Craig Doyal Airport with its Bobby Jack Adams Terminal?

Arrogance and pretension seem to have no limits in our County Commissioners Court.






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