The Golden Hammer’s Yollick receives Empower Texans’ “Conservative Leaders Award 2017,” protests that many others deserve it far more

The Golden Hammer’s Yollick receives Empower Texans’ “Conservative Leaders Award 2017,” protests that many others deserve it far more

Image: Empower Texans’ 2017 Conservative Leaders Award. The grassroots organization gave this award to The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher Eric Yollick along with fifteen grassroots conservative activists at its 2017 Gala at the Las Colinas Convention Center in Dallas on Saturday, December 2, 2017.

Staff Reports, The Golden Hammer

Irving and Montgomery County, December 4 – Renowned grassroots conservative organization Empower Texans gave The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher Eric Yollick and fifteen other grassroots conservative activists the group’s 2017 Conservative Leaders Award at its Annual Gala at the Las Colinas Convention Center in Dallas on Saturday, December 2, 2017. Yollick has protested, “I greatly appreciate the Award, but I also feel very strongly that I’m little more than one mouthpiece, among many others, for the people who have worked so hard to clean up Montgomery County’s government and made it act more closely to the conservative values of the citizens of Montgomery County.”

Empower Texans Board Chairman, President, CEO, and Founder Michael Quinn Sullivan.

Empower Texans Board Chairman and Founding President Michael Quinn Sullivan explained the Conservative Leaders Award:

“At last night’s Conservative Leaders Gala, we recognized 17 men and women who have been leading the fight for liberty in the Lone Star State. Included in that number is Brent Southwell, who successfully stopped the Democrats from ushering labor union politics into Texas and was presented with the Torch of Freedom Award. In his comments accepting the award, Mr. Southwell made an observation that stuck with me: ‘patriots outnumber the tyrants in Texas.’

“Each of the men and women honored with engraved cavalry swords are engaged in similar fights for similar reasons all around the state. They fight for themselves, their families, and for us all.

“Last night’s event was focused on thanking them. Tomorrow’s actions must be focused on emulating them.

The tyrants appear strong, but the patriots are numerous. And by working together, we will be victorious!”

Numerous leaders from Montgomery County attended or participated in the Dallas-area Gala, including among others:

  •  Christian Collins of Congressman Kevin Brady’s campaign
  • 284th District Court candidate Kristin Bays
  • Texas Right to Life Political Director Luke Bowen
  • Kelli Cook (video appearance), Montgomery County Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty
  • Republican Precinct Chairman Reagan William Reed.

Former United States Senator Jim DeMint, of South Carolina, was the Keynote Speaker, while Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton gave the Invocation. Among the more than 525 attendees, several dozen members of the Texas Legislature attended, as did numerous members of the State Republican Executive Committee who came to the event after the Committee’s Winter Meeting came to a successful conclusion in Austin. Reverend Rafael Cruz attended to represent his son, United States Senator Ted Cruz.

Local activists nominated the Award recipients and then provided video introductions for each of them. Cook provided the video introduction of Yollick at the event and explained “The Golden Hammer Award” and The Golden Hammer‘s growth to become Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper.

This newspaper now has a substantial statewide readership, particularly among members of the Texas Legislature and their staffs, the State Republican Executive Committee, and grassroots conservatives across the State of Texas.

There were Conservative Leader Award recipients from across the state. The full list of recipients included:

  • Jim Baxa, Lubbock
  • Tom Dowdy
  • Ralph Gonzalez, Corsicana
  • Dana Hodges, Orange
  • Matt Long
  • Patrick McGuinness, Austin
  • Stacy McMahan, Fort Worth
  • John Myers, Plano
  • Tanya Robertson, Houston
  • Jackie Schlegel
  • Joel and Karen Starnes, Fort Worth
  • Steve Waltens, Colleyville
  • Brady Whatley,
  • Ruth York, Cisco
  • and Yollick, Montgomery County.

Brent Southwell, who owns a Houston janitorial firm that fought off an attempt to unionize his company, received the 2017 Torch of Freedom Award.

Yollick noted, “Thanks for the Award to the wonderful friends who nominated me, to Empower Texans, to Mr. Sullivan, and to Reagan Reed, the amazing political activist and conservative Republican Precinct Chairman, whom my wife and I thank for making this all happen. Quite frankly, this Award was more than I deserve. I look at the great people in Montgomery County who are fighting to take our government back from the local ‘establishment.’ Those people are great leaders whom I readily follow all the time. I include:

  • Reed, who is a brilliant young man, great writer, parliamentary tactician, and superb leader
  • Cook, who is truly irrepressible, does the best research of anyone I’ve ever met, and always shows her kind heart
  • Ginger Russell, the ‘Quiet Lady From Magnolia’ – ha ha – who is constantly keeping the pressure on the bad guys in our local government and who is a recognized education leader statewide
  • Bill O’Sullivan, the “Sage,” who always has his head together, is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and seems to be at the epicenter of every major issue confronting Montgomery County
  • Betty Anderson, the great Christian leader, Eagle Forum Chair, and truly kindhearted lady, who has fought in the conservative trenches for decades while also performing every act of Christian charity imaginable
  • Patricia Ann Cherry Tibbs, the President of the Montgomery County Tea Party, who works tirelessly for political candidates and political causes which she supports. She also works very hard to make her meetings interesting and informative.
  • John Hill Wertz, who has the biggest heart of any person I’ve ever met, as he has shown in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey, and who is constantly waging battle against liberals, the RINOs, and the ‘establishment’; those people are genuinely fearful of JHW;
  • Steve Toth, one of the most giving and hard-working Christian community leaders I’ve ever seen, who truly embodies the tenets of the Christian religion and of basic kindness and compassion;
  • and so many other people!

“All of those people deserve this Award a LOT more than I do. I just have a big mouth…”




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