The Golden Hammer’s Texas Senate Poll: Lieutenant Governor Patrick’s opposition to Constitutional Carry, not lack of Senate support, appears impediment to passage

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

Ashley Burke, Austin Bureau Chief, The Golden Hammer

Austin, April 22 – When Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced last Friday that there were insufficient votes to pass Constitutional Carry in the Texas Senate, he actually should have said – in truth – that he opposes the legislation and wouldn’t allow it to come to the floor of the Senate. The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, conducted a poll of the thirty-one (31) members of the Texas Senate and found overwhelming support for the passage of Constitutional Carry legislation, which passed the Texas House with bipartisan support, last Friday, April 19, 2021.

The Golden Hammer‘s Austin Bureau conducted the poll on Tuesday, April 20, and Wednesday, April 21.

92.8% of the Senators, who took a position on Constitutional Carry, support the legislation after it passed the Texas House of Represenatives. 7.2%, or one Senator, opposes Constitutional Carry.

The full results follow:

Senators Supporting Constitutional Carry: 13.

Birdwell (R)

Buckingham (R)

Creighton (R)

Hall (R)

Hancock (R)

Hughes (R)

Kolkhorst (R)

Nichols (R)

Paxton (R)

Perry (R)

Schwertner (R)

Seliger (R)

Springer (R)

Senators Opposing Constitutional Carry: 1.

Whitmire (D).

Senators Who Have Not Decided: 17.

Alvarado (D)

Bettencourt (R)

Blanco (D)

Campbell (R)

Eckhardt (D)

Gutierrez (D)

Hinojosa (D)

Huffman (R)

Johnson (D)

Lucio (D)

Miles (D)

Melendez (D)

Nelson (R)

Powell (D)

Taylor (R)

West (D)

Zaffirini (D).

On April 19, Patrick issued a statement, “If we have the votes to pass a permitless carry bill off the Senate floor, I will move it. At this point we don’t have the votes on the floor to pass it. I plan to meet with law enforcement who oppose permitless carry and with the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America who support it to see if we can find a path that a majority of senators will vote to pass.”

Patrick is no friend to gun rights. In September, 2019, Patrick told The Dallas Morning News that he supported laws to require background checks when two individuals are involved in a private sale of guns. Patrick’s position was far more restrictive of gun rights even than the National Rifle Association, which has behind-the-scenes taken positions adverse to the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment’s clear declaration of an unfettered right to bear arms.

The Texas House of Representatives made history on Friday, April 16, in passing Constitutional Carry, meaning if you can legally buy a gun, you can legally carry a gun without a government permission slip. The vote on House Bill 1927, of which State Representative Matt Schaefer, Republican of Tyler, was the primary Author, and which enjoyed bipartisan support, was 84 ayes and 56 nays.

Even though the Senate has received House Bill 1927, Patrick still has not referred the legislation to any Senate Committee for consideration. It appears Patrick will do whatever he can to kill Constitutional Carry in Texas.

Over the past weekend, Senator Brandon Creighton, Republican of Conroe, said in a statement, “18 states have Constitutional Carry including Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Texans deserve no less in the acknowledgment and validation of their 2nd amendment rights. The U.S. Constitution is our license to carry. I support Constitutional Carry and and look forward to the debate on the details of the bill from being approved in the Texas House.”




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