The Golden Hammer’s Publisher challenges Metts, Riley to one-on-one debates about their respective candidacies: “I know they’re chicken…”

The Golden Hammer’s Publisher challenges Metts, Riley to one-on-one debates about their respective candidacies: “I know they’re chicken…”

Image: A chicken.

Conroe, May 7 – Eric Yollick, the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, has challenged James Metts and Charlie Riley each to a one hour one-on-one debate. The topic for each debate would be “Should James Metts be the next Precinct 4 County Commissioner?” and “Should Charlie Riley be the next Precinct 2 County Commissioner?”

Yollick explained, “I propose a one hour debate format. Each of us would make a three minute opening statement. We’d then have two minutes to respond to the previous speaker and we’d go back and forth until the hour is over. Since Metts and Riley seem very reluctant to answer questions from the floor, we would just debate back and forth without audience questions.”

Metts and Riley would each argue in the affirmative for their candidacies, while Yollick would argue in the negative. There would be separate debates for each of the County Commissioner races.

Yollick has proposed one of three individuals to act as the moderator for each debate, depending upon the choice of Metts and Riley, respectively. The proposed moderators are Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden, Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson, and Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson. “I would allow Mr. Metts and Mr. Riley to choose the moderator from among one of those three people, all of whom have endorsed them or worked openly for their candidacies. We should allow the moderator to choose the location for each debate.”

When The Golden Hammer staff asked Yollick whether he believes that Metts or Riley would debate him, Yollick answered, “No. Neither of them have sufficient knowledge to debate serious issues about their candidacies. It’s also apparent that they don’t want to have to answer very serious questions about their qualifications to serve in the respective County Commissioner positions.”

“I’ve noticed that the primary arguments by supporters of Metts and Riley in their favor is an utterance of their name with the year thereafter. I suspect that I’ll be able to dive deeper into the issues than that with each of them,” Yollick added.

When asked why he’s qualified to debate Metts and Riley, Yollick responded, “I’m just a private citizen. I believe that, in their eyes, I’m the lowliest of the low. Therefore, Mr. Metts and Mr. Riley should be quite comfortable debating someone whom they believe is so far beneath them in understanding of issues facing our County government.”

“I hope that we can conduct the debates before Early Voting begins on May 14. I’m not holding my breath that either Mr. Metts or Mr. Riley will summon the courage to debate,” Yollick concluded.



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