The Golden Hammer’s Publisher challenges Conroe ISD Superintendent Null to debate $807 million bond proposal before Montgomery County Pachyderm Club forum

Conroe ISD Superintendent Curtis Null.

Conroe, February 12 – In response to a plea from Montgomery County Pachyderm Club President Terrence Boggs for someone to speak at a forum in April, 2019, in opposition to the Conroe Independent School District’s (CISD) $807 million bond proposal, set for voter referendum on May 4, 2019, The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher has challenged CISD Superintendent Dr. Curtis Null to a debate. “I realize that it’s an unfair debate, because I know so little about public education, while Dr. Null has a doctorate in Professional Leadership and has worked in public education for 18 years, but I’ll strive to provide a different perspective on the details and issues with respect to the CISD’s bond proposal,” Eric Yollick, Publisher of this newspaper, said.

President Boggs issued the following request on social media on Sunday, February 10, 2019:

“I am looking for someone to speak at a forum hosted by Montgomery County Pachyderms about the Conroe ISD Bond. The Superintendent of Conroe ISD has accepted coming to defend the hike, but I am having difficulty finding someone to take the opposition. That is odd, since some of those asked have been posting on closed sites but seem to not want to speak in public. Please let me know if you are willing and are informed not just saying ‘No.’

After getting permission from this newspaper’s editorial staff, the Publisher responded late in the day on Monday, February 11 with the following challenge to Dr. Null and President Boggs:

“Mr. Boggs, my name is Eric Yollick. I’m the Publisher of The Golden Hammer newspaper. I hereby challenge Dr. Curtis Null to a debate over the Conroe ISD bond. I oppose the bond. Null apparently supports it.

“While I have some information, I’m not very smart nor do I know much about Conroe ISD’s bond package, other than the information I have received and investigated. My guess is that there are at least 572,000 people in Montgomery County who are smarter, wiser, and more intelligent than I am.

“I would propose a Lincoln-Douglas style debate between me and Dr. Null. If Dr. Null would like to include cross-examination as part of the format, I would be willing to do that as well. In other words, we’d be able to ask each other questions.

“Since I am so ignorant, I would probably ask my friends Kelli Cook and Ginger Russell to help me prepare for the debate. I would look forward to meeting Dr. Null and would enjoy getting to speak with him about these important issues facing our community (many of which my friend Dale Inman [Conroe ISD Trustee] has also explained to me.)

The Publisher also communicated the proposal to Dr. Null through CISD’s Spokesperson Sarah Blakelock early Monday evening.

Boggs responded, “I spoke to Eric already and have asked my Board to accept this proposal.”

Russell indicated her willingness to help: “President Boggs, this is a fantastic idea. Please make it happen.”

The Publisher added, “Montgomery County Pachyderms, thank you. I hope that we’re able to begin building a relationship between me and Dr. Null and also between me and your organization.”

Dr. Null’s official biography follows:

Dr. Curtis Null became Superintendent of Schools in June of 2018. He has 18 years in education, serving 16 of those years in Conroe ISD.

Dr. Null earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in 1998. While there, he served as an athletic trainer for the Cougar football, volleyball, basketball and baseball teams. During this time, Dr. Null also spent a year working as an intern athletic trainer in the NFL with the then Houston Oilers. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, he attended the University of Florida and earned a master’s degree in 2000 with an emphasis in Sports Medicine while working directly with the Florida Gator football team. Dr. Null also had the opportunity to serve as an instructor in the College of Health and Human Performance while at the University of Florida.

In 2000, Dr. Null began his career in Conroe ISD at The Woodlands High School where he served as a teacher and athletic trainer for three years. At this time, he continued his education at Sam Houston State University earning his principal certification. In 2003, Dr. Null was named assistant principal at Knox Junior High. He served in that capacity for one year before assuming the same position at Magnolia Junior High in Magnolia ISD for two years.

In June of 2006, Dr. Null returned to Conroe ISD when he was named principal of Peet Junior High. He was appointed interim principal at Conroe High in February of 2010 and was named principal in April of 2010. Dr. Null completed his superintendent certification at Sam Houston State University in 2010, and, in 2012, earned his doctorate degree in professional leadership from the University of Houston.

Dr. Null was named Conroe ISD Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education in December 2013. In January of 2016, he became the Deputy Superintendent of Schools.

Dr. Null was invited to participate in the Texas Principals’ Visioning Institute in 2010 where he worked with 40 other principals from across the state to develop model practices for Texas schools. Dr. Null was named Humanitarian of the Year at Peet Junior High in 2007 and received the same honor at Conroe High in 2011.

Currently, Dr. Null serves on the Executive Board of Directors of The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce and is an Ex-Officio Director on the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas, the Education for Tomorrow Alliance, the Conroe Economic Development Council, the Montgomery County Public Health District, and CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County. Dr. Null is a graduate of the Leadership Montgomery County Class of 2015 and a member of the Conroe Noon Lions Club.

Dr. Null is married to Tanya, who teaches prekindergarten in CISD. They are members of First United Methodist Church in Conroe. Together they have two children, Travis, a 2018 Conroe ISD graduate, and Kailey, who attends school in Conroe ISD. The Null family is very proud that Sheldon ISD, located in Northeast Harris County, opened Michael R. Null Middle School, named in honor of Dr. Null’s father in 2009.

The Publisher doesn’t have much of a biography, but The Golden Hammer does provide the following information:

Eric Yollick is a private citizen. He was born in a private hospital in Dallas. He attended private schools (except for first, second, and part of third grade when he erred). At the age of 6, he became a taxpayer and has continued to pay a lot of taxes ever since that time, because local, state, and federal governments never relented, even around the holidays. He’s voted in every election and come to realize that people who run for public office often lie and make false promises. Yollick has not and does not accept funds or services from the government. He’s embarrassed when he enters air-conditioned or heated government buildings and utilizes some of the government-treated air within them. Yollick works for a living so that he can pay taxes to all of the governments that take taxes. He and his wife live in an unincorporated area of Montgomery County, Texas, one of the most out-of-control county governments with respect to spending-and-taxing in America. He has read John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Robert Nozick, and actually believes what they wrote.



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