The Golden Hammer provides full endorsement list – as much as possible – for November 3 General Election

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

During the past week, many readers of this newspaper have asked for a full endorsement list. Unlike political action committees and individual politicians who seem to have political agendas, The Golden Hammer will provide these endorsements based upon one criterion: which candidate will most likely make government smaller and most likely work to keep government out of the way of our lives?

In some races, if no candidate offers the right answer to that question, we’re not going to endorse just for the sake of endorsing.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, makes the following endorsements in ballot order. We are not listing uncontested races.

President: Donald Trump, Republican.

United States Senate: No endorsement.

United States Congress, District 8: Kevin Brady, Republican.

Texas Railroad Commission: James “Jim” Wright, Republican.

Chief Justice, Supreme Court: Nathan Hecht, Republican.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6: Jane Bland, Republican.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 7: Jeff Boyd, Republican.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8: Brett Busby, Republican.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3: Bert Richardson, Republican.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4: Kevin Yeary, Republican.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9: David Newell, Republican.

Member, State Board of Education, District 8: Audrey Young, Republican.

State Senate, District 4: Brandon Creighton, Republican.

Texas House of Representatives, District 3: Cecil Bell, Republican.

Texas House of Representatives, District 15: Steve Toth, Republican.

District Judge, 457th Judicial District: Vince Santini, Republican.

Sheriff: Rand Henderson, Republican.

County Commissioner, Precinct 1: No endorsement.

County Commissioner, Precinct 3: James Noack, Republican.

Lone Star GCD Director, Position 1: Stuart Traylor.

Conroe ISD, Position 6: No endorsement. Both candidates will vote with the CISD administration all of the time. They’ll bring no oversight whatsoever.

Conroe ISD, Position 7: No endorsement. Both candidates will vote with the CISD administration all of the time. They’ll bring no oversight whatsoever.

Mayor, City of Montgomery: Bill Clevenger. The corruption of the incumbent must come to an end immediately.

Mayor, City of Conroe: Jody Czajkoski. WE LOVE CONROE. Czajkoski will bring a positive growth outlook. He has assured the Editorial Board that he will not allow taxes to rise above the “effective tax rate” or “no new revenue tax rate.”

City Council, Place 1, City of Conroe: Duane Ham. WE LOVE CONROE. Ham has – by far – the most conservative voting record on the City Council. 

City Council, Place 2, City of Conroe: Carl White. WE LOVE CONROE. White is pro-business and will provide some important representation for all citizens. The City Council would be a far more interesting and exciting group with White on it.

City Council, Place 5 (Special Election), City of Conroe: Kelley Inman or Frank Jackson. WE LOVE CONROE. Either one of these individuals would bring a positive growth outlook and is pro-business.

The Woodlands Township, Position 1: Gordy Bunch.

The Woodlands Township, Position 2: Jason Nelson. Nelson needs quickly to become something more than a vote for Bunch’s agenda. Someone needs to question the incorporation study, and that’s not happening right now. The people will never have a choice, if they don’t get the real information. Nelson’s main opponent, Jimmie Dotson, has stumbled and revealed his liberal Democrat proclivity. That’s a shame, because he sounded like a good choice of someone who would question the incorporation study at the beginning of the campaign. Actions have consequences, however, and his support of liberal Democrats, such as Steve Toth’s opponent and RINO Charlie Riley are inexcusable during the election season.

The Woodlands Township, Position 4: Bruce Rieser. Rieser is smart and well-prepared. He needs to stop being an advocate for incorporation and become a Director who presents the factual information. Rieser also needs to explain his residency in Michigan and explain how he can be focused on The Woodlands when he serves as his property owners association president in Michigan while claiming residency there. Rieser needs to assure Township voters he will NEVER vote for taxes higher than the effective tax rate.

MUD No. 47 Director: Laura Norton. Smart, experienced, and questions the establishment.

Woodlands RUD No. 1 Director: James WM Doyle and Marcus Wooldridge.







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