The Golden Hammer’s Local “Week in Review”

Montgomery County Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw fears for her job, as she knows she’s on Craig Doyal’s “Hit List.”
Jim Fredricks.

Conroe, February 19 – Here’s some highlights of what happened in politics and government in Montgomery County during the past week.

“County Attorney Lambright Ghost-Edits, Partly Writes Fake News Story in Courier Blog to Slam Critic Yollick; Agador Sparatacus Exposed” (February 10, 2017). County Attorney J.D. Lambright ghost-wrote a Courier article under a reporter’s name to try to slam a government critic in a fictional news story.

“You Don’t Have to Worry About Spending Tax Money When You’re Not Paying It”: J.D. “Ice Man” Lambright Had Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Federal Tax Liens Which He Failed to Disclose While Running for and Serving as County Attorney” (February 11, 2017). County Attorney J.D. Lambright’s legal and personal problems included hundreds of thousands of dollars of federal tax liens, even while he served as County Attorney, for his failure to pay employment trust funds taxes he had withheld from employees and for his failure to pay income taxes.

“Steganography on Display: County Judge Doyal, Chief of Staff Fredricks Late-Friday Commissioners Court Agenda, Consisting of 16 Pages and 2,274 Pages of Backup Documents; Impossible for Commissioners, Public to Have Meaningful Notice: (February 12, 2017). County Judge Doyal and his “chief of staff” Jim Fredricks (a public relations consultant, fired newspaper editor, and pseudonym fanatic who oversees two secretaries) issued an agenda with no advance notice to the Commissioners Court members who were unable to determine what they were to vote upon by the time of the February 14 meeting. They passed millions of dollars of spending proposals and budget amendments anyway.

“Georgette Whatley, Community and Business Leader, MCHD Board Member, Educator to All: The Interview” (February 13, 2017). Whatley, a longtime Hospital District Board member, has a distinct kindness and class that makes her a great leader.

“Clark-Noack Resolution to Return County Departments Back to Supervision of Entire Commissioners Court Matter of Sound Management, Ethics” (February 14, 2017). Commissioners Jim Clark and James Noack offered a resolution to return supervision of County government departments back to the entire Commissioners Court due to the poor management by County Judge Craig Doyal. The measure failed on a 2 to 3 vote. The Dodi Shaw-Stephanne Davenport internecine warfare disclosed later in the week illustrated the type or problems that arise under Doyal’s absent management style.

“BREAKING NEWS: Commissioners Court Appoints Melder To LSGCD Board” (February 14, 2017). The Commissioners Court, over County Judge Craig Doyal’s objection, appointed former Conroe Mayor Webb Melder to the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District to replace the outgoing Richard Tramm.

“Doyal Succumbs to Citizen Demands for Homestead Exemption, Then Tries to Take Credit for 10% Homestead Exemption; Doyal’s War Against The Taxpayers (WATT) Continues” (February 15, 2017). The Montgomery County Commissioners Court rejected a 20% homestead exemption on a 2-5 vote, despite a standing-room-only crowd of citizens who spoke in favor of the measure. Doyal expressed his desire to increase County government spending. The Commissioners then enacted a 10% homestead exemption for which Doyal tried to take the credit.

“County Attorney Lambright Leads Judge, Commissioners to Ignore Conflict of Interest Provision in 3-Week Old “Code of Ethics” (February 16,  2017).The County Attorney advised the Commissioners to ignore the conflicts of interest section (paragraph 8) of the Code of Ethics, so that they could proceed with the $100 million 3.6 mile Decimation of Hope Highway project at the far southwest edge of the County.

“Montgomery County Government Spending Increases Have Defied Republican Voters’ Wishes: The Reckless Numbers Do Not Lie” (February 17, 2017). County government spending has greatly exceeded the combined rate of population growth and inflation under the leadership of County Judge Craig Doyal. Doyal intends more spending growth. Without any management of the County, there have been no economies of scale.

“Breaking News: HR Director Dodi Shaw Fears for Her Job, Pledges Loyalty in Complaint Letter to County Judge Craig Doyal” (February 18, 2017). County Human Resources Director Shaw sent a secret letter on February 13, 2017, in which she stated that she feared for her job, criticized County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, raised nepotism concerns, and confirmed she’s on Judge Craig Doyal’s “Hit List.”






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