The Golden Hammer thanks our readers for a super day yesterday

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, thanks our readers for a super day yesterday. The number of visitors to our online newspaper hit a record yesterday. In fact, all week you’ve made records of readership.

Our goal is to bring hard news and investigative facts back into the world of journalism. There are two problems that you see in journalism more than any other nowadays. First, there’s a major pro-government bias among the writers and editors. The local blog that tries to compete with The Golden Hammer won’t even report a story unless it comes out of the mouth of a government official and usually it has to be an elected official at that. Second, 21st century journalists don’t even leave their offices and do investigative work at all. They seem to wait for the stories to come to them.

Using modern espionage techniques that our Publisher learned in graduate courses at Texas A&M University and in 41 years of political activism and using old-fashioned gumption, The Golden Hammer is bringing back “investigative” into the concept of journalism. This newspaper appreciates your tips. In fact, yesterday was also a record for the number of tips. More than forty (40) County employees alone who had never contacted The Golden Hammer provided tips to this newspaper about events inside our County government. We’re investigating them as fast as we can.

Personal Note from Eric (the Publisher): I hope you don’t mind me mentioning something very personal. My wife reminded me that today (March 24) is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 93 years old today. My Dad was a brilliant and kindhearted man who was a head and neck surgeon in Dallas and one of the most avid fans of the Dallas Cowboys you’d have ever met. One of his patients “thanked” my Dad for saving his life by removing a cancerous tumor from his neck by giving my Dad season tickets to the Cowboys games starting around 1967 (when I was 6). We had two seats, one on each side of the 50 yard line, on the home team side of the field at the lower level, first at the Cotton Bowl stadium and then at Texas Stadium. Mr. Arnold, the cool patient of my Dad, gave us those seats all the way through the time I graduated from college in 1983. During my childhood I met the likes of Roger Staubach, Tom Landry, Harvey Martin, and Bob Lilly when we got to go down to the field before the games. I’d fly home from college often to attend the Cowboy home games with my Dad. My Dad definitely pushed his children to try to do their best. He also happened to marry the most controversial and amazing fighter of a person whom I’ve ever met, my Mom, who died three years ago at the age of 89 (two years after Dad died). They enjoyed a long and very happy marriage until old age took them. Many of our friends met my parents when they attended my swearing-in at MCHD in 2003. I miss them and wish my Dad a “happy birthday” in Heaven.



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