The Golden Hammer listens and, with apology to her, adds Kelli Cook to people who were instrumental in winning 2018 Primary Election

Conservative political activist Kelli Cook has taken aim at liberals.

Conroe, March 18 – In response to today’s article, “Seven Amazing Citizen Leaders Who Fought For Reform In The March 6 Election,” The Golden Hammer, March 18, 2018, many readers of Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper have sent complaints that The Golden Hammer didn’t include the amazing accomplishments of conservative political activist Kelli Cook among the “seven amazing citizens.” With an apology to Cook, The Golden Hammer now adds Cook to the list.

The reason Cook didn’t appear on the list previously is that Cook is actually one of the policymaking leaders as well as a political leader in this community. The reality is that creative policy that moves Montgomery County towards reform emanates from Cook far more than it does any of the five members of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

Kelli Cook is the Regional Chair for the Campaign for Liberty and a close associate of former presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul. Cook was instrumental in passage of a 20% homestead exemption. Her lobbying for a pro-citizen appointee to the Lone Star Groundwater Conservative District was critical to the appointment of former Conroe Mayor Webb Melder to that Board of Directors, even though Cook’s first choice was another candidate. Cook has fought against red light cameras successfully. She joined her friend Ginger Russell, the Quiet Lady From Magnolia, in catching Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and his buddy Magnolia ISD Superintendent Todd Stephens red-handed when they were using County government property and school district property and resources directly to support Riley’s re-election campaign.

In reality, the readers who complained about the omission of Cook from the list were spot-on correct. Cook has been everywhere. She attends just about every Republican Party meeting, every conservative political group meeting, every Tea Party meeting, and is even an officer of the Freedom & Political Conservatives PAC, the group that has recently emerged to push for reform and less government spending and taxation. Cook is everywhere.

Her policy pushes have been essential to the pro-reform campaign that resulted in a sweep by reformers in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. Cook supported those reformers with her time, her energy, and her money.

There is no question that Montgomery County citizens should thank Kelli Cook for the amazing work she did in East, South, West, and North Montgomery County.



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