The Golden Hammer endorses State Representative Will Metcalf for re-election

Left to right: Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and State Representative Will Metcalf (R-Conroe).

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses State Representative Will Metcalf for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives representing District 16 which covers the northern part of Montgomery County from the northwest corner to a large section of East Montgomery County.

Metcalf is an extraordinarily responsive state legislator. He’s easy for his constituents to reach. He’s willing to listen and he communicates back in response in a polite and easygoing manner. He’s very much the personality of his wonderful parents Tommy and Mary Ann Metcalf.

The citizens of Montgomery County should be grateful for Metcalf’s work in authoring and passing House Bill 1982, which established the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District as an elected board. Metcalf was the primary author of this important local legislation. There were very powerful forces against election of the LSGCD’s Board. The over-regulation of groundwater usage by LSGCD has provided the platform for the overbearing San Jacinto River Authority, which currently holds an LSGCD Board seat and dominates the Board, to monopolize the sale of water at exorbitant prices across Montgomery County.

Both the LSGCD and SJRA lobbied ferociously against Metcalf’s legislation. Nevertheless, in an almost “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”-like manner, Metcalf stood up to those two bureaucracies. More importantly, Metcalf stood up for the citizens of Montgomery County.

Here’s what Metcalf has said about LSGCD:

“This convoluted board created many rules and regulations all Montgomery County citizens had to live by – with no say of their own. But, this session, we changed that! I was very proud to write and pass HB 1982, which brought much needed accountability and transparency to the LSGCD by changing the 9-member appointed board into one chosen entirely by the voters of Montgomery County. The only voice that matters now when it comes to our groundwater is yours. Governor Abbott recently signed the bill into law and the first board election will take place in November of 2018.”

Metcalf has a 100% scorecard with Texas Right to Life. Metcalf also has had a great record working for pro-veteran legislation in the Texas House. Unfortunately, his overall voting record only merited a 73% approval rating from Young Conservatives of Texas. His voting record in the Texas House of Representatives is not as conservative as the philosophical outlook of his constituents. Obviously, Metcalf should take greater care to reflect the views of the citizens of Montgomery County in his voting record in the House.

While Metcalf works to improve his conservative voting record, citizens of Montgomery County should give him thanks for passing the LSGCD reform, which was such a vital and major issue during the 85th Legislature. Hopefully, Metcalf will stand up to the Big Water lobby again in the 86th Legislative Session when the “sunset review” of SJRA will come before the Legislature.

Metcalf is a sixth-generation resident of Montgomery County. He is a graduate of Conroe High School and earned a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. Metcalf works as an investment banker and is the Vice President and Director of Business Development for Spirit of Texas Bank in Conroe. He’s a longtime member of the National Rifle Association and an active member of Lions International.




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