The Golden Hammer endorses Republican Matt Beasley for Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace

Republican Nominee for Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Matt Beasley (left) with State Senator Brandon Creighton (right).

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses Matt Beasley for Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace to fill the position from which retiring superstar Judge Edie Connelly is retiring. Beasley is running in the November 6, 2018, General Election.

Who is Matt Beasley?

The vast majority of citizens of south Montgomery County know Matt Beasley as Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack’s Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, Beasley manages Noack’s road and bridge operations. When you see a road crew out on the streets of Precinct 3, there’s a good chance Beasley is overseeing the work either onsite or from another location when multiple jobs are occurring at once. There’s no question that Noack’s road and bridge crews are among the most efficient government employees in Texas. Thanks both to Noack and to Beasley.

Beasley graduated in 2002 from The Woodlands High School. Beasley received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Tarleton State University. Beasley started his career with The Woodlands Fire Department as a Dispatcher.  While working as a Dispatcher, he attended The University of Houston – Downtown Police Academy. After graduating with honors from the Academy, former Precinct 3 Constable Tim Holifield hired Beasley as a Deputy. Beasley holds a Master Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commissioner of Law Enforcement.  Years later, Beasley was transferred to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and ended his full-time law enforcement career as a Detective.

County Commissioner of Precinct 3, James Noack, hired Beasley as Project Manager after the two got to know each other while Noack was running for office in 2012. Noack later promoted Beasley to his current position of Chief of Staff. Beasley is a Certified Public Manager for the State of Texas through Texas State University’s program in that field.

Beasley stated, “I have been blessed to work with so many great people. I fully commit to providing the same level of remarkable service our community has enjoyed under Judge Connelly’s leadership. My unique professional experience will prove valuable to our community and the Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, office.”

Since Beasley won the Republican Primary Election in March, 2018, he has spent a lot of vacation time working on a volunteer basis in Judge Connelly’s office  to prepare to be “the best prepared Justice of the Peace as possible”.

Beasley lives in The Woodlands with his wife, Kelli, their two sons, Brooks and Brett, and daughter, Brinley. They’re members of First Baptist Church in The Woodlands. Beasley is a Past Vice President of the Grogans Mill Village Association, an Advisory Member to the Blue Bow Foundation, and an active member in Scottish Rite charities.

In short, Beasley is extremely well qualified to serve as a Justice of the Peace, particularly with his strong law enforcement background and his extensive experience in government service.

Temperament and Work Ethic

Beasley’s background – and temperament – are very similar to the lady whom he seeks to follow as Justice of the Peace, Edie Connelly. Connelly, who served as a Deputy Sheriff in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office from 1977 prior to her 1986 election as a Republican candidate for Justice of the Peace, has handled the challenging position with utter excellence. It’s been a challenge because the growth of The Woodlands and all of Precinct 3 has made her Justice Court one of the busiest in the United States. Connelly has always treated people with dignity and respect in her Courtroom. As a judge hearing criminal misdemeanors, asset forfeitures, animal control matters, juvenile cases, and small claims lawsuits, Connelly has heard and seen it all.

Beasley has done a stellar job as Noack’s Operations Manager, a position which puts Beasley in charge of Noack’s road and bridge operations. Just walking through the Commissioner Precinct 3 road and bridge operation is a striking experience. Even though Beasley manages heavy equipment, large trucks, and a large crew of County workers, the entire office and grounds is so clean someone could eat off the floor (if they were so inclined). Beasley and Noack are well known in south Montgomery County for their lightning response to road and bridge maintenance issues when they arise.

There’s an immense likability factor to Matt Beasley. There’s much truth to his campaign slogan “It’s easy; vote for Beasley.” He’s a nice guy. When people meet him and speak with him, they have every reason to like Matt Beasley.

Beasley’s genuineness and likability are important attributes that have already paid office in his work in Precinct 3. The road and bridge crews like and respect Beasley, their boss. Similarly, at a few of Beasley’s campaign events, Judge Connelly’s staff have attended. Four of Judge Connelly’s current employees spoke with The Golden Hammer and said they genuinely feel comfortable that Beasley would come into their County office to make it run well and without some hidden political agenda.

Beasley has made clear that he wants to continue the great work of Judge Connelly. On November 15, 2017, Beasley said, “What I plan to do is what Judge Edie Connelly has done: work hard, take care of the people, and focus on your job. I believe if you serve the people, they’ll serve you back.”

Countywide issue: JP court efficiency and collections

There’s a countywide corruption issue that impacts the Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace race. That issue may be the most important reason of all to vote for Beasley as conservative Republican activists are seeking to clean up the corruption from which Montgomery County suffers.

Connelly’s efficiency and financial management of her Court has led the courts of Montgomery County easily and has made her one of the most successful Justices of the Peace in the entire State of Texas.

Source: Montgomery County government.

One of the reasons Connelly’s JP court is so much more efficient financially than all four of the other JP courts in Montgomery County is because she has refused to succumb to pressure from corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport and Precinct 4 JP James Metts to utilize the GravesHumphries collection system and the associated NetData database system. Connelly has felt that the NetData database, which manages information about court cases before each court, raises due process and fairness concerns, because litigants and the public have only very limited access to court files. To the contrary, Connelly’s court files are available to the public online through the Montgomery County website, just as all court files in the County’s District Court and County Courts at Law. Furthermore, by utilizing the County’s in-house Collections Department, Connelly has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and had far greater success in collection of fees and fines than any of the other four JPs all of whom have succumbed to the Davenport-Metts pressure to use the GravesHumphries/NetData systems.

As the data reveals above, Connelly alone hears and disposes of approximately 40% of Montgomery County’s Justice of the Peace docket. Her case disposal rate is more than twice the rate of the next two busiest JP courts (Mack and Metts) while her budget is more than $700,000 less than the budget of those two courts.

Beasley has made clear that he’ll continue Connelly’s extraordinarily efficient court collection system and that he’ll make sure court files remain available to the public online.

Therefore, Beasley is clearly the anti-corruption candidate who will carry on Judge Connelly’s willingness to stand for good and transparent government and to stand against those who are more interested in money than justice.

Beasley will be a wonderful Justice of the Peace. He’ll continue Judge Connelly’s wonderful service and obviously fits the temperament and philosophy of the citizens of Precinct 3.




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