The Golden Hammer endorses Melisa Miller for Montgomery County District Clerk

The Golden Hammer endorses Melisa Miller for Montgomery County District Clerk

Image: District Clerk candidate Melisa Miller (center) with great Republican leaders Kathleen Towery (left) and Doris Lockey (right).

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper endorses Melisa Miller for Montgomery County District Clerk to succeed the incumbent who is retiring.

Miller worked for the incumbent District Clerk for 18 years. She is a 1996 graduate of Conroe High School. She rose to the position of Office Manager of the District Clerk, which was similar to a chief deputy position. Miller became a deputy County Clerk, which is the position she now holds in the Montgomery County government. Miller and her hardworking husband Jason have two children.

The Montgomery County District Clerk’s Office has a case and file retrieval system that seems a bit more difficult to utilize than many other District Clerk’s Offices. The Harris County District Clerk’s Office has one of the most accessible file retrieval systems in Texas. Former Harris County District Clerk Loren Jackson designed and programmed that system himself, although he was defeated for re-election in a Republican sweep during a General Election. Miller told The Golden Hammer that she is very familiar with the amazing work of Jackson and his successor Chris Daniel in the Harris County District Clerk’s Office and that she hopes to emulate some their reforms.

For years, attorneys and litigants in Montgomery County have complained about the District Clerk’s computer system. It has greatly improved during the past two years, especially with the implementation of Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey system, an integrated system which the courts and the public utilize for all of the courts other than four of the Justice of the Peace courts, which still utilize an antiquated database system which is not available to the public at all.

Miller has argued that the District Clerk’s Office requires substantial reform, cost efficiency, and a move towards modern technology. Longtime Conroe resident Kathleen Towery said, “This young lady is ready to step up and make some improvements.” Voters should recognize the importance of enthusiasm from a community leader as influential as Towery.

Melisa Miller has confirmed that she has no connection to Marc Davenport whatsoever. Her opponent has developed ties to the Davenport Ring.

During her campaign, Miller has shown her willingness to make herself available to the public for input and the expression of concerns over the manner in which the incumbent District Clerk runs an antiquated District Clerk’s Office that doesn’t fit the growth of the Montgomery County Court system.

Montgomery County citizens can do a lot better in the vital District Clerk’s Office. Melisa Miller’s election would be a major step in a positive direction.

Publisher’s Disclosure: The Publisher has contributed $1,025 to Miller’s campaign.



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