The Golden Hammer endorses Judge Michelle Slaughter for Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8

405th Criminal District Judge Michelle Slaughter, right, with renowned conservative leader and military veteran Walter West II (left) of East Montgomery County.

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses 405th District Judge Michelle Slaughter for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8, in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. Slaughter is running for an open seat on the highest criminal appellate court in Texas, so this election is very important both for public safety and protection of the constitutional rights of individuals.

Slaughter has served as a district judge in Galveston County for six years and has shown a very strong conservative record as a jurist during that time period. She follows the precept that, until a finding of guilt, individuals should receive fair and efficient treatment from our courts, but, if found guilty, they should meet serious consequences for committing crimes. She’s Pro-Life and has a long history of activism as a conservative and as a Republican. Slaughter has been an avid advocate of the Second Amendment and of gun rights since she was a teenager.

Slaughter and her husband, a NASA engineer, have two children and three rescue pets. They attend Clear Creek Community Church in League City. Slaughter hails from parents who were, respectively, her father who is a retired coach and school administrator and her mother who is an entrepreneur and small business owner.

After college and law school, Slaughter worked for large firms before deciding to open her own law practice. She then ran for the 405th District Court of Galveston County and became a District Judge in 2013.

There’s a wonderful transparency to the manner in which Slaughter has managed her court as a District Judge, which Slaughter has described:

“Judge Slaughter has also been a champion for transparency and protecting the First Amendment rights of conservative voices.  Upon being elected as the 405th District Court Judge, Judge Slaughter fulfilled her campaign promise to provide more transparency by creating and maintaining a Facebook Page that informs the public about matters in the 405th District Court and about our legal system.  Judge Slaughter encourages everyone via Facebook and with jury panels to attend court proceedings. She informs the public that these are their courts paid for with their tax dollars and they are entitled to watch any proceedings (with very few exceptions). Anyone with an interest in a legal career is invited to visit with her.  She always takes the time to talk to these visitors and encourages their interests.”

Slaughter has been an active member and officer of several Republican organizations. She’s received the endorsement of Texas Right to Life, the oldest, largest, and most venerable Pro-Life organization in Texas. She’s served as an officer and Board member of several community organizations, including The Galloway School and the Fair Association, among others.

Slaughter has the talent, good sense, and philosophical commitment to be a great Court of Criminal Appeals Judge. Hopefully, Texas Republican voters will provide her with that opportunity.




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