The Golden Hammer endorses Jerry Patterson for Texas Land Commissioner

Former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson to regain his old job in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. Patterson served for twelve years as an outstanding Texas Land Commissioner from 2003 to 2015. Texans need him back in that position as quickly as possible.

Patterson is running against a scion of the political “establishment,” George P. Bush, the son of liberal former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Bush has only been on the job as Land Commissioner for a little over three years. The Land Office manages Texas land and mineral rights. It shouldn’t be that hard, but Bush has made the job look difficult.

Patterson, on the other hand, is a reliable conservative.

First, if anyone should take the blame for the disaster involving the Alamo, the sacred monument of Texas history, that liberals in San Antonio and Austin seek to turn into a multicultural display, it’s Bush. Bush worked with the Texas Legislature to take the operation of the Alamo away from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Then, Bush led the movement to change the look of the Alamo entitled “Reimagine the Alamo.” The slogan as well as the plans it represented should more aptly have borne the name “Let’s forget the Alamo and turn it into the Latest Victim of Political Correctness.”

Now, let’s be forthright. The Alamo could use some refurbishment. But what Bush wants to do is to change the look and the feel of the building entirely. He even included a plan to move the Cenotaph, the giant marble and granite memorial to the fallen heroes of the events of March, 1836, away from the likely spot where their bodies are buried.

Patterson has said the Alamo is “THE ISSUE” in his campaign against Bush. To Texans, it’s an important issue and should be.

Second, Bush has messed up the Land Office’s response to Hurricane Harvey. Bureaucratic snafus inside of Bush’s office have created the terrible circumstance that only three destroyed homes of Harvey victims have received their federal buyouts to date. As Patterson and others have noted, the Land Office’s response to hurricanes and other disasters during Patterson’s leadership in the Land Office was far more rapid.

Bush is a good politician and gives a good speech. But leadership requires just that, leadership. Leadership requires management. Bush cannot lead and he can’t manage. Patterson already has a proven record with regard to both.

Patterson is a Texas A&M University graduate who volunteered for duty as a United States Marine in the Vietnam War and became a Naval Flight Officer and Lieutenant Colonel. Patterson served as a Texas senator from Harris, Galveston, and Brazoria counties before he was elected Land Commissioner in 2002.

Texans need Patterson to clean up an “establishment” mess inside the Texas General Land Office and should vote for him in the Republican Primary Election.



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