The Golden Hammer endorses Gray (Precinct 4 County Commissioner), Bell (State Representative, District 3)

Precinct 4 County Commissioner candidate Matt Gray.

Editorial Board, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses Matt Gray for Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner and Cecil Bell for re-election as District 3 State Representative.

Matt Gray for Precinct 4 County Commissioner

East Montgomery County deserves fair representation on the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. That’s the reason that former Precinct 4 County Commissioner Ed Rinehart and the core of the business community of East Montgomery County have backed Matt Gray against the incumbent, Commissioner James Metts.

Metts just hasn’t gotten the job done. It seems he’s too busy with his lucrative lumber business. He usually not at the office and he’s almost never available to talk with his constituents.

When Metts first came into the position four years ago, he promised he’d take care of the 2015 road bond projects which had languished under his predecessor. They’re still languishing today. Unbelievably, the Sorters Road improvements are still incomplete and the David Memorial Drive extension hasn’t even begun.

What Metts did, however, as soon as he came into office was to erect a fortress of walls and barriers inside of his Commissioner Precinct Office, so that he and his staff are inaccessible to the public.

One of the main things Metts is trying to hide is the nepotism inside of his office. His girlfriend, Dianne Rogers, receives a $115,000 salary as Metts’ private secretary. His cousin, Jane Metts Landers, also came to the office with Metts.

Outside of nepotism, Metts also hired the fired former County Auditor, Phyllis Martin, known for her poor job performance, arrogant attitude, and corruption. She fits Metts’ office nicely.

Metts has made himself one of the most unpopular County Commissioners East Montgomery County has ever had. The question is whether enough voters will come to the polls to vote to give themselves the representation they sorely need and certainly deserve.

That representation is Matt Gray, who grew up in New Caney, graduated from New Caney High School, and received a business degree from Sam Houston State University. He worked in the oil and gas industry and then became a certified Project Manager who nows works as the Construction Manager for Humble Independent School District.

Gray gave a superb interview on “It’s Hammer Time” on Friday, February 11. He’s serious and has made it clear that he will immediately undertake the outstanding road and drainage projects for which East Montgomery County has been waiting for almost eight years.

Gray is no newcomer to the community. He’s lived in East Montgomery County his entire life. People know him and respect him. He deserves the vote of Republican Primary voters in the March 1 election with Early Voting already underway.

Cecil Bell for re-election as State Representative, District 3

State Representative Cecil Bell (R-Magnolia).

With a 100% rating from The Golden Hammer for the 87th Legislature, south Montgomery County (west and east) should vote to re-elect Cecil Bell to the Texas House of Representatives. Bell is open and accessible to his constituents. He’s easy to reach and has a reputation for always returning telephone calls.

Bell is one of those hardworking members of the Legislature who doesn’t draw a lot of attention to himself but nonetheless gets the job done very well. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, he was a leader in drafting the State of Texas’ biennial budget. Bell has a reputation as a fighter to keep state spending as low as possible. He was also one of the leaders during the Second Special Session to get $1.2 billion of funding for construction of a wall along the Texas-Mexico border and to provide additional funds for law enforcement to staunch the flow of illegal immigration.

Bell is probably the leading opponent of high speed rail in Texas. During the past two legislative sessions, Bell has successfully fought against passage of legislation to help that industry. He has a vast knowledge on the issue and a true resource for the Governor, Senators, and Representatives.

On issues such as gun rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution, Pro-Life legislation, and property tax reform, Bell has been a reliable conservative vote.

District 3 voters should return Bell to the 88th Texas Legislature so that he may continue his excellent service as their State Representative.




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