The Golden Hammer endorses Eric Yollick for 457th District Court Judge in July 14 Republican Runoff Election

Eric Yollick spoke to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

The Golden Hammer Editorial Board

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses Eric Yollick for District Judge of the 457th District Court in the July 14, 2020, Republican Runoff Election. Yollick is what this new Civil District Court needs: an expert in civil law who has the heart and mind of a conservative Republican political activist (very different from a judicial activist, by the way).

Yollick has made the centerpiece of his campaign that courts must follow the rule of law and follow the Original Intent of the United States Constitution and of the Texas Constitution. Those principles are ones our nation, our state, and our community sorely miss, especially with the two recent Supreme Court decisions (one grafting a new category – LGTBQ – to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and one preventing the Trump Administration from implementing an immigration reform by executive order, even though the program it sought to eliminate came into being by executive order as well). We don’t need judicial activism in the form of legislating from judges, a practice Yollick has made clear he strongly opposes.

There has been no one in this community who has more consistently fought for and supported the law enforcement community. Yollick has complained, in detail, about the shortfalls in funding to support law enforcement, while he has also complained about excessive government spending in other categories.

Eric Yollick has a strong educational background. He graduated from an elite private school in Dallas, then summa cum laude from Princeton University, then SMU Law School where he served on the law review, and recently a Master’s in Military History from Sam Houston State University as well as a Certificate in Advanced International Affairs from Texas A&M University’s Bush School of Government.

Yollick has a strong legal background: 31 years of law practice doing civil litigation (real estate and business mostly), is a former President of the Montgomery County Bar Association, former State Bar of Texas Committee Chairman, former member of the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, as well as a member of the Federalist Society for more than a quarter of a century. He’s also Board Certified in Commercial and Consumer Law, two areas which will see a lot of cases in the 457th District Court, as our community recovers from the COVID-19-spurred government shutdown of the economy. The 457th District Court will be Civil District Court, the area of law Yollick has practiced for 31 years. His opponent has practices civil law for one year.

Yollick is one of the most disciplined people this community has ever seen, especially in his professional habits. He still works long hours in his law practice, has an extensive business background, and, for a long time, was the founding Publisher of this newspaper. The work product on his Eric Yollick for 457th Judge Facebook page alone is staggering.

The Board of District Judges is supposed to oversee the Montgomery County government’s finances and, particularly, our County Auditor. That’s where Yollick strikes the most fear into the heart of the political “establishment.” They know Yollick knows more about County government finances than almost anyone else in this community, and so he’s the last person in the world they want overseeing the presently-corrupt accounting and operations. Meanwhile, some lawyers know that Yollick will follow the law and not play politics in the courtroom. Those lawyers and some elected officials don’t want a judge who will act independently of political affiliations. As a result, Yollick’s opponent and his opponent’s supporters are running one of the dirtiest campaigns against Yollick that we’ve witnessed in a long time in this community.

The election of Eric Yollick as Judge of the 457th District Court could bring a lot of positive change to the Montgomery County Courthouse, both in its judicial functions and in the County government’s finances.

Voters should let Yollick come into the office to let that change happen.

Early Voting begins today. This newspaper endorses the following candidates in the Republican Runoff Election:

  • Jay Wright for Chief Justice of the Ninth Court of Appeals;
  • Eric Yollick for District Judge of the 457th District Court;
  • Gene DeForest for Constable, Precinct 2;
  • Al Letting for Republican Precinct Chairman, Voting Precinct 15;
  • Joshua Treadway for Republican Precinct Chairman, Voting Precinct 21.





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