The Golden Hammer endorses Billy Graff for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner

The Golden Hammer endorses Billy Graff for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner

Image: Dr. Billy Graff.

Kelli Ann Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper endorses Dr. Billy Graff for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner in the March 3, 2020, Republican Primary Election. Voters have the opportunity to give conservative reformers control of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court for the first time in history by adding the extremely competent Graff to the Court to work alongside of Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough (the “People’s Judge”) and Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack.

Graff would be the crucial third conservative vote necessary to bring real spending and tax reform to the County government, which is precisely the reason the political “establishment” desperately opposes him. Currently, the Commissioners Court has Keough, a conservative reformer who often votes by himself, and Noack who sometimes votes as a conservative and sometimes does not. With Graff on the Commissioners Court, Noack would face the circumstance that conservative reform attempts would die in Noack’s hands, if he failed to follow the wishes of his conservative political base.

Why Graff? Graff has proven he’s got the right outlook and he’s got an amazing background to be a County Commissioner.

Right Outlook

A national citizens’ organization asked Graff “If elected to serve as Montgomery County Commissioner, will you:
“1. Make budget cuts to lower the tax rate enough to decrease the property tax burden?
“2. Vote to reduce the salaries of the commissioners in line with other Texas counties with comparable populations?
“3. Oppose any new toll roads in Montgomery County?
“4. Oppose nepotism or the appearance of nepotism?
“5. Abstain from conflict-of-interest votes?”

Graff answered “YES” to all of the questions. Graff’s opponent refused to answer the survey and has consistently refused to commit to any political principles or philosophy. Graff had previously committed in writing that he refuses to agree to “consent agendas” on the Commissioners Court, so that the members of the Commissioners Court would be forced to talk about everything in the open. Graff has also agreed to reduce his own salary below that of the Governor of Texas.

Right Background

Graff’s background stands in stark contrast to that of his opponent. Graff is a Marine. His opponent has no military service.

Graff has run a large nonprofit organization which has provided disaster relief for communities where natural disasters hit. Graff also has significant experience working with governmental entities to ensure that disaster assistance gets to families as efficiently as possible. His opponent only has experience filling political appointments he received from his first cousin, the current incumbent County Commissioner who is retiring.

Graff attended every candidate forum during the political season. His opponent skipped a few where there would be too many unexpected questions.

Graff regularly attends commissioners court, his opponent does not.

Graff has run a grassroots campaign where he has answered every question a constituent has posed to him. His opponent seems to be in hiding.

In summary, Graff perfectly fits the concept of a “servant leader” while his opponent is the hand-picked successor of a family member who seems to want to turn the Commissioners Court into a family dynasty.

Voters should give Dr. Billy Graff the nod on March 3 so that he can shift the balance on the Montgomery County Commissioners Court away from the political “establishment” and towards conservative reform.



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