The Golden Hammer endorses Billy Graff for Montgomery County Judge

Dr. Billy Graff spoke to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on April 13, 2021, among many other occasions.

Editorial Board, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorse Billy Graff for Montgomery County Judge in the March 1, 2022, Republican Primary Election. Graff is a remarkable individual who has the fortitude to stand to all of the forces opposing reform of the Montgomery County government.

Graff served in the United States Marine Corps, worked in the oil and gas industry, and was an executive in a real estate development and construction business before he worked for two decades as a full-time minister. Graff received a Master’s and Doctorate in Theology, served as senior pastor of two congregations, and eventually decided he wanted to do charitable work by running a nonprofit foundation, which aids victims of natural disasters in southeast Texas.

Graff’s experience in the construction business and in disaster relief makes him uniquely qualified to fulfill the duties of a County Judge.

Graff’s conservative credentials are immense. He’s the real thing, not just someone who uses the term “conservative” to decorate campaign literature. He’s worked on and contributed to a detailed citizen budget, two years in a row, which would have resulted in an increase in law enforcement funding while reducing overall government spending in the Montgomery County government.

Just as the incumbent, County Judge Mark Keough, plunged this community into massive unemployment, skyrocketing suicides, and dark churches at Easter as a result of his illegal and unconstitutional church closure mandate, business closure mandate, forced stay-at-home order, and adult curfew, Graff vocally opposed those terrible decisions and offered very specific alternatives, which he explained at length to the deaf ears of the panicked Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

Keough has plunged the Montgomery County government into secrecy and darkness, while Graff has made clear commitments to transparency and open government.

Keough has approved massive increases in County government spending, most of which haven’t increased any services, while Graff has offered concrete proposals to reduce the fat in the County government’s largesse.

Graff has held firm to his principles. Keough, on the other hand, claimed he was a conservative but then endorsed liberal Joe Strauss and even gave a speech in favor of Strauss’ re-election as Texas Speaker of the House to oppose property tax reform, Constitutional Carry, and the Texas Heartbeat Act. During his four years as County Judge, the liberals on the Commissioners Court have completely taken over the heart and mind of the squishy Keough, so it’s no surprise that he’s now running for re-election as a “team” with Commissioners Charlie Riley and James Metts.

Four years ago, Keough argued that voters should support him in order to clean up what he called “the most corrupt county in Texas, Montgomery County.” Rather than cleaning up the corruption, Keough has become the puppet of it.

Montgomery County voters should vote for Dr. Billy Graff in the March 1, 2022, Republican Primary Election and clean up the mess in the County government.



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